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Co-designed with aged care providers. Workforce management that provides real-time reporting and funding visibility.

More than Technology. This is about people

The pressure is on Providers to deliver more with less

Australian residential aged care Providers face increasing pressure on margins due to increasing demands on the clinical team.

Funding VS Cost in Aged Care - infographic

1 . Department of Health (Ageing and Aged Care), (2016). 2016 Report on the Funding and Financing of the Aged Care Industry. Canberra: Australian Government. p. 1-200.

Mirus’ Workforce Solution helps aged care Providers achieve financial goals by optimising workforce processes

Partner with trusted advisors

Our trusted advisors will partner with you on an ongoing basis and help you tailor our toolkit of workforce management solutions to your business. This includes diagnostics, workforce processes, a technology platform and a flexible service model to suit your needs.

Automate staffing decisions with business rules you control

Unplanned events such as variations in care needs or staff availability are quickly resolved in Mirus Works. We will help you configure your system according to your business and clinical needs to reduce unnecessary costs while still meeting clinical needs.

When you work with us, you’re working with a partner who understands your business.

Manage workforce from one central platform

View business performance against financial goals anytime anywhere. A centralised real-time view of staffing empowers your management team to make decisions that support those financial goals.


Link your financial goals to business processes

Plan for success! We will help you capture key data inputs to help your teams manage the workforce effectively. This includes the financial goals for your facility, staff demand and availability.


Diagnose current state

We want to understand your facility first by using our proprietary diagnostic tool to analyse how your business processes contribute to your financial goals. This report will help you identify key areas to focus on to maximise business benefit.

“The only Rostering system specifically designed for Aged Care”

About Mirus Works

Please see the Mirus Works overview video to see how we have designed a workforce management product with the aged care industry, for the aged care industry.

We recently asked one of our valued clients, a senior executive at a multi-site facility “what are some of the key workforces challenges for the aged care industry? And which ones relate to your organisation?”

(1) Conducting workforce calculations, such as the costs of increasing part-time positions or agency changes.

(2) Balancing the needs of the workforce with the demands of the business. Residential aged care is a 24 hour, 365 days per year business. The demands are constantly changing and the challenge is matching staff to these dynamic changes.

(3) Covering leave and study to meet the personal and professional needs of our workforce

Sound familiar?

Or perhaps funding, occupancy rates, clinical acuity, managing risk are important to you, right now? We hope you enjoy this video overview of Mirus Works and please contact us for more information on how to partner with your aged care specialists at Mirus Australia.

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