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Co-designed with aged care providers. Workforce management that provides real-time reporting and funding visibility. More than Technology. This is about people.

Technology is not a silver bullet. We understand the increased demands being placed on your clinical, financial + operational teams. Let’s integrate your people + our technology and help manage your organisation’s workforce, in real-time. 

Funding VS Cost in Aged Care - infographic

Automate your organisations rostering, time and attendance, and award interpretation process on the needs of the people you care for and the people who provide that care. Dashboard reporting in seconds. Yes, you read this right. Seconds.

The Mirus Works! Skills Module was recently put to test during an unannounced visit by the agency. The Facility Manager at a valued client’s site told us:

“It was easy for me to navigate and show them what they needed and to pull reports if necessary. They loved the fact we had Immunisation and Police certificate data in it also. My administrator and I have been using it the most here and we find it very easy to use and a great addition to our Mirus Works! rostering system. It’s making our life easier!”

Technology geek alert: Cloud-based technology (never wait for the latest version again) and our top to bottom Javascript software stack, running on AWS infrastructure supports rapid design, development and delivery of new features.

KPI Dashboard

Our real-time visibility over staff cost, facility occupancy and funding. Make dynamic decisions about your workforce management.


Time and Attendance

Automated time tracking allows you to manage real-time compliance risk + improve productivity.


Optimise staff coverage based on care requirements for every shift, every day.

Employee Kiosk

Empower your people any time, anywhere with mobile phones or tablets for choice in their time + availability.


Award Interpretation

Minimise the complexity of interpreting conditions + rules associated with your Awards or EBA in a simple timesheet format.

Payroll Integration

Integrate with your payroll solution to reduce time spent keying data and reduce payroll errors.

Skills + compliance management

Real-time visibility of skills, training and qualifications to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Reporting + Analysis

Real-time reporting to identify key challenges and take appropriate action, immediately.

Absence Management

Simplify leave management with a workflow that empowers employees and promotes workforce engagement.

We recently asked one of our valued clients, a senior executive at a multi-site facility:

“What are some of the key workforce challenges for the aged care industry? And which ones relate to your organisation?”

(1) Conducting workforce calculations

(2) Balancing the needs of the workforce

(3) Covering leave and study to meet the personal and professional needs of our workforce

Sound familiar? Or is funding, occupancy rates, clinical acuity, managing risk important to you, right now?

Introducing Mirus Works! showcasing how we have co-designed workforce management technology with the aged care industry, for the aged care industry.

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