10 years + 10 lights of Mirus

November 3, 2020 | People at Mirus Australia

In continuation of our 10 years of #makingagedcarebetter celebration, Sam Skyring, our Chief Financial Officer has reflected on the below blog entry…

Like any big birthday, the passing of a decade is a good time to reflect on where I was back in 2010, what I have achieved and the many things still left to do. Ten years ago, my baby was just 2, and right now is getting ready to start high school. So much has changed in our daily household routine – no more nappies and a lot more sass and TikTok – and her independence and confidence are growing by the day. Worldwide, it feels like women have been able to come so far in recent years. It is more possible to call out poor behaviour, to have a voice and to lead by example. There is, of course, still work to do.

In thinking of what I could make as my list of ten things, and acknowledging the progress of my life and the Mirus business over the last decade, the one thing that stood out to me was the changing dynamics in our team. When Mirus was founded in 2010, we had no female employees. Ten years later we have more than 20 around Australia and in Belgrade.  The biggest challenge for me was having to stop at ten and still capture the contribution and energy of all of these wonderful girls.

The Ten Lights of Mirus

  1. The sunrise – our gorgeous yogi Natanya, who started with Mirus in 2012. Nat has always been measured and confident and whether she’s running an early morning yoga class on the deck or sitting cross-legged at her desk, she is 100% fabulous in everything she does.
  2. The candle – our dear Shannon, somehow still shining despite all that has happened. She is bright, she is positive and she is warm and we are grateful for the example she sets for us.
  3. Our sunshine is Tania, putting an enormous amount of love and enthusiasm into our days and our fabulous workplace. She is caring and committed and we would be lost without her.
  4. Lights, camera, action – who else but our extraordinary marketing guru Amanda. Her standards are high and her life and work experiences are wide. It is impossible to not be pulled along by her ideas and energy- as a company and as her colleague.
  5. The lighthouseLara, the only female on the Mirus Board and a constant source of guidance for Mirus. Lara is steady, true to herself and experienced and it’s a huge bonus that she can also bake!
  6. The shining stars – here I am thinking of Joyce, Janine, Shery and Petra. And of course Tanvi, Sara and Alyssa before them. Always driving the business forward with professionalism, commitment and hard work. They are tough, they are team players and so valuable to the business.
  7. The torch is Mandy, our amazing people person. Always looking out for the whole team, she is not afraid to have the honest conversations and challenge all of us to develop and grow. Mandy is consistent and strong and sets a high standard for us all to aim for.
  8. Our rising starsNewsha, Ji and MJ – such intelligence and confidence, always pushing themselves to learn more and do more.
  9. The Northern lights – our wonderful team in Serbia and the first step in Mirus’ global domination. Sladjana, Mia, Zeljka, Milena, Marija, Djurdjina and the unstoppable Bojana. We hope to be able to see them face-to-face again soon. They demonstrate amazing teamwork and support for each other and our business.
  10. And finally the sparklers– the next wave of Mirus superstars like Hannah, Chloe and Zoe, bringing so much energy to the Company. I don’t like the fact they were all still at school when Mirus was founded, but I am excited to see what the future brings them and what they bring to the future of Mirus.

With Sam Skyring, Chief Financial Officer, Mirus Australia + 10 years of #makingagedcarebetter.