10 years + 10 steps to a greener Mirus

October 8, 2020 | People at Mirus Australia

In continuation of our 10 years of #makingagedcarebetter celebration, from Tania Crivellenti, Facilities & Community Manager, and our resident Swiss-army knife.

With time, (hopefully) we get wiser, softer, and kinder…

And greener! At Mirus Australia we focus on many eco initiatives.

Here are 10 great ones:

1. Recycling Bins and constant reminders of how to use them

When I started with Mirus over four (4) years ago unfortunately the recycling was haphazard! We established colour coded bins and made agreements with the cleaning company for a consistent recycling approach.

In 2019 we participated in the Lids4Kids campaign, which was so successful they had to stop and process the large number of lids they received to make artificial limbs for children.

2. Efficient light bulbs

We replaced all incandescent light bulbs with LED efficient lights. Some of them are over four (4) meters above ground, so that was an interesting exercise. Just finding someone with a ladder who could change them safely is a challenge!

3. Rechargeable batteries

The amount of AA and AAA batteries we use in the office is not small. With wireless keyboards and mouses all over the place, plus some other blue tooth devices, we couldn’t continue to use normal batteries. Slowly over the last few years we have replaced all of them for rechargeable batteries. More recently, recycled batteries are available in the market and those are the ones for us now.

4. Sustainable coffee

In 2017 Mirus gave a gift of keep cups to all employees. Since then, we have developed and kept the culture of taking our own cups for coffee whenever in the office and returning the carry trays to the coffee shops for re-use, we are loyal customers of the local coffee shops.

We also have sent over 1,500 coffee pods for recycling using the TerraCycle  program we got a certificate and everything!

5. Toilet Paper

We replaced our toilet paper for Who Gives a Crap, which is sustainable, only uses paper, nothing in plastic, and helps builds toilets for people in need around the world.

6. Toner Recycling

We are diligent at recycling our printers’ toners through our photocopier supplier.

7. Metal Straws

Not only did we replace all our in-house straws with metal straws, we gave them away at conferences to clients and contacts… sharing the love!

8. No more plastic bags

Three (3) years ago, as soon as the supermarkets changed their options and allowed us to have either re-usable or paper bags, we made the change. No more plastic bags for our office groceries!

We have also phased out use of disposable plasticware, replacing it by sustainable options.

9. Water bottles

Another of our previous Mirus’ give-away to employees were glass water bottles, promoting the use of re-usable non-plastic material.

10. Recycled copy paper

We changed our A4 papers for the 100% recycled options in the market.

And slowly we get better and better, with an improved focus and education around saving resources by making sure we don’t waste power unnecessarily (turning off computers and TVs when not using them), or avoiding water leaks.

We want to make sure the planet is healthy so we can continue with our goal of #makingagedcarebetter! We would love to know more about what you are doing?

In summary, these have been an amazing 10 Years at Mirus, with many incredible past + present people! For more about us and our 10 year timeline.

With Tania Crivellenti, Facilities + Community Manager, Mirus Australia + 10 years of #makingagedcarebetter.