How to COPE in marketing

November 26, 2019 | Aged Care Marketing

Amanda Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at Mirus Australia recently presented at the Leading Age Services Australia National Congress in Adelaide on marketing hacks for the aged care industry.

Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer” – Gregory Ciotti

Continuing on from this year’s trend, the need for more purposeful content won’t stop as we head into 2020. Marketers understand the need to produce content of the highest possible quality. In a recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute, 90% of the most successful marketers put the needs of their target audiences information needs first over their promotional messages.

Marketers get it, you need to win the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) AND your target audiences and future customers.

Great. Producing high-quality content takes time, money, people and data. Which is why in 2018 – 2019 we COPE as much as we can. This is how we grew our brand reach by over 63% in the past financial year at Mirus Australia. COPE stands for Create Once and Publish Everywhere or building high-quality assets and adapting to multiple content channels. Or repurpose, reconstruct, and reposition your best content to get the most from your work.

However, there are a couple of rules:

  1. Do your research and test an idea before you commit. Is this what your audience wants and is it resonating? (Engagement, shares, likes, follows, feedback)
  2. Do you have something unique to say or share? If you do, then double down and COPE
  3. Is there enough substance to your content offer?
  4. Tracking and measuring the performance of previous content may reveal topics and have the potential to engage your audience further
  5. Research your channel audiences on your current owned media like your website, landing pages, social media, blogs, email databases, keywords search, apps you may have or even print media to better understand how people “behave” or interact with your current content
  6. The key to the COPE strategy is to find the most effective use of the content for all channels.

Here is something we prepared earlier. This is an example of how we used COPE for the monthly Mirus Industry Analysis, which is 1 video that we produce in-house and 8 additional branded content types for the month or 108 for the year. . . . has this approach inspired you to start a COPE plan today? Please let us know.

Amanda is a NED at Globalaai and Co-Creator of #Celebratingwomeinagedcare with Samantha Bowen who is the Principal Advisor for the LASA NEXT GEN initiative. Please connect with Amanda Jones on LinkedIn.