Growing up. Growing wiser!

October 14, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

Amanda Jones (previously Terranova) is a Boomerang! That is, she returned to Mirus Australia in 2018 after previous consulting work with the team in 2012. 

“I was so excited to see how the Mirus team had grown in such a short amount of time, and particularly with the organisations approach to co-designing solutions with the aged care industry and for the aged care industry.” 

Amanda has brought momentum back to the brand of Mirus Australia as the Chief Marketing Officer. With her small team of professional and experience​d marketers they design and execute on campaigns to better communicate what Mirus do​es​ and why. This doesn’t happen quickly as Amanda explains:

“This approach doesn’t happen overnight. To reinvent or refresh you have to first deconstruct and in a way that doesn’t affect the stability of a brand that is already in the market”. 

Amanda says she “grew up” in Tasmania but “grew a little wiser” in the many places where she has lived and worked including New YorkPerth, Brisbane and Sydney. Continuous learning has been her priority in the more recent years.

“The methodologies of professional marketing stay consistent but change is constantly swirling around us and therefore we must be able to adapt quickly, whether this is for our customers, the businesses we support or the community around us.”

She says she is a much better adult learner than she ever was as a child. Her family struggled financially when she was younger and the support systems for formal education weren’t readily available. She has focused on building this framework for herself as an adult; she completed a degree from New York University Stern School of Business and a Harvard Business course from the Australian chapter in recent years. Amanda considers education to be one of her favourite hobbies and recently she completed a Mini MBA in Marketing from the Melbourne University and a Company Directors course with the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Amanda and her team are constantly sharing their knowledge and experience internally and with clients across the traditional, digital and social media channels they manage.

“To develop our experience as a team, I love a fun collaboration with businesses and people whose values align closely to ours. Last year we worked with Swanky Socks to design custom Mirus Australia socks with #Makingagedcarebetter on the soles! The whole team gave them out to our clients, potential clients and at conferences throughout the year.  I have received so many funny photos and videos of people wearing their socks. I have even received an anonymous sock puppet video! from a brand perspective this was a really successful awareness campaign, but most importantly it provided us all with the opportunity to connect with humans on a fun and playful level!”

It has been under Amanda’s tutelage that the Mirus team produced the Mirus Industry Analysis” or MIA, the monthly video on demand series with co-founder Rob Covino; and “Gear Change” a blog and podcast series with co-founder James Price What inspires Amanda the most about these tactical channels is seeing how excited others are to be involved and to help our team continue to challenge how we support our clients.

“Not all creative ideas are going to be understood, especially in the beginning, so it’s great when we receive feedback or validation that an idea provides education, support or even entertainment, especially during times of change and complexity.”

Amanda says she is is privileged to support a team of people who bring their expertise, smarts, humour and energy to work everyday with the goal of #Makingagedcarebetter. Amanda is presenting “Marketing Hacks” at the up and coming LASA Congress and “Staying Authentic” for the Next Gen initiative in Tasmania. Adelaide and Perth. For more please visit the Mirus Australia events page.