Learn the AN-ACC assessment framework and embed a sustainable assessment process within your organisation

Our AN-ACC Assessment and Optimisation solution provides a review of your aged care facility/facilities to validate the accuracy of AN-ACC subsidies based on the level of care that is being provided. In addition, we will train your team on the AN-ACC assessment tools to embed a sustainable AN-ACC assessment process within your organisation. 

This program will help you to: 

  • Gain clarity and certainty over your AN-ACC subsidies and case mix classifications 
  • Establish ongoing scenario planning with staff trained on the AN-ACC assessment framework 
  • Regain control of financial performance of your aged care operations under AN-ACC. 

Two components to the AN-ACC Assessment and Optimisation program

There are two detailed activities within this two-phase of the program: 

  • Phase 1 – ACFI to AN-ACC data mapping 
  • Phase 2 – Funding assessment and site education 

Phase 1

We will conduct a desktop review of your funding at the resident level to determine parameters and scope for the more intensive Phase 2. 

The key steps: 

  • Data mapping of the clinical assessment details from the ACFI data points held within Medicare.  
  • We then map those outcomes to a forward-looking revenue outcome using the case mix distribution from the in-situ residents
  • You will receive the AN-ACC mapping in the format of a management presentation  

  Phase 2

In this phase we will bring the AN-ACC assessment process to life for your organisation. We will take you through the clinical process using your own organisation’s data points and educate your team along the way.  

The key steps:

  • Facilitated virtual round table discussions (with the facility’s clinical AN-ACC team to establish a clinically accurate AN-ACC assessment as defined by the AHSRI AN-ACC framework  
  • Guided training of the AN-ACC assessment tool for your clinical team. Clinical Teams will learn how to apply the AN-ACC assessments such as the DEMMI, FM-FIM etc. to accurately predict desired case mix outcomes against their resident population  
  • Resident reclassification summaries for each resident in situ at the time of the program following the complete resident AN-ACC assessment of your facility 
  • A funding impact assessment and final report for management. 

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