AN-ACC Assessment and Optimisation helps you validate the accuracy of your subsidies for a sustainable funding position

This program will help you to: 

  • Educate your key clinical and funding staff on the funding framework so that you can be your own assessors and be in control of your own process
  • Identify gaps between actual care needs and classifications so that you can prioritise the most valuable requests sooner
  • Make sure your clinical documentation supports your requests so that you get more of the results you are looking for.

Three components of the AN-ACC Optimisation program

  • Phase 1 – Funding assessment and site education
  • Phase 2 – Resident case conferencing to map current vs forecast classifications
  • Phase 3 – Care Management System alignment to Funding Assessments
Phase 1 – Funding assessment & site education

Two staff members per site will receive training in the Mirus Academy AN-ACC Advanced course. This course focuses on the clinical and quality framework of AN-ACC and helps team members to learn to apply the assessments to achieve a classification outcome by ensuring your clinical information is relevant.

This process lays the foundation of education ensuring assessments are run properly to give the best forecast prediction when assessing residents. It also gives your staff the tools to validate the assessors after they have classified your residents.

Phase 2 – Case Conferencing & mapping to classifications

We will conduct case conferencing sessions with your staff for all your existing residents to establish a forecast classification while also upskilling your teams so they can continue this process after the engagement is complete.

Case conferencing with your AN-ACC team will help to determine a current forecast classification for all current residents. This results in a gap analysis report we present to your team for actioning. Some residents would result in a funding uplift, some a decline due to reneablement, and some would remain the same. We will help assess which residents you would like to request reclassifications for based on your organisations funding strategy.

Phase 3 – CMS alignment to funding assessments

In this phase we ensure your Care Management System’s care plans, notes and documentation are in alignment with the results identified and the associated assessments. This strengthens your team’s documentation practices and helps with identifying future reclassifications.

To do this, we gain remote access to your care management system and look for incongruencies between what has been written and what was identified in discussions with staff. Discrepancies are presented to your clinical team so that amendments can be made by the appropriate staff.


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resident reviews completed


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