Are you afraid of change?

July 24, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

Mandy lives life to the fullest and firmly believes growing old is a privilege, because there is only one other option!

Mandy Lipschitz is Mirus Australia’s People + Culture Manager or our ‘people person’. Mandy values contribution, respect, family and friends and these values are closely aligned to what is important at Mirus Australia.

She supports our people and culture by helping the team to find our voices, make it count and foster an environment that recognises and rewards talent. 

Mandy has been enabling and empowering people’s talent from a very young age, when she claims she enabled her big brother’s talents to work and make money, so they could both spend it!

Mandy was born and raised in South Africa. She migrated to Australia based on her ‘state of the country’ disappointments and to follow a boy! This boy became her husband Garron with whom she has two children. The boys, are who Mandy refers to as her hobby of  “having teenage children” along with her interest in wine, food and travel. 

They are a close-knit family, even more so after Garron faced and won his battle with cancer five year ago. Garron is running a half-marathon this year to fundraise and in celebration of this victory.  

“This experience ensures you have a clear perspective of what is really important in life” Mandy says about this time with her family. 

“We shouldn’t be afraid of failing and the changes this brings about in our professional and personal lives, as this builds our resilience .”

Mandy’s perspective on change is that instead of looking at the change itself, and the discomfort it may bring, it’s  important to focus on the intent behind the changes. If you focus on achieving the intent of the change, everything becomes easier and eventually makes sense. For example, with the constant changes in the aged care industry, it’s important to look at what these changes will achieve and always with the vision of  #makingagedcarebetter  

When thinking about attracting and retaining great people to work in the industry, Mandy believes each person is responsible for their own career paths, development and progress but organisations are responsible for fostering an open environment where the talents and experience of your workforce can thrive. At Mirus Australia we give our people multiple forums to express their ideas, opinions and we actively listen to ensure we have room for adjustments as required.

“When people leave Mirus Australia for other opportunities, they leave healthy, not broken, and we often have people returning to us,” says Mandy. 

To attract and retain professionals to our business, we often utilise our own people as role models and include in the recruitment process. Firstly by referring others and secondly by participating in the interviews and testing during the hiring process. By using the peer review approach, Mirus Australia can guarantee the perpetuation of a growth mindset culture. 

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