Balance the spinning!

February 13, 2020 | People at Mirus Australia

“If Natanya was a coffee she would be a chai latte. She is kind and sweet but can also be spicy sometimes!”

Natanya (or Nat) is Head of Admissions at Mirus Australia. With her team, she supports Mirus’s clients in building their customer profile, with crystal clear visibility of pipeline and sales activities and focusing on marketing to attract and retain residents and service recipients via Mirus Admissions Companion. 

Nat is also our very own Yoga guru. She teaches a weekly class before the office opens as part of our employee health and wellbeing program. Nat doesn’t think of Yoga as a hobby, it’s more a part of her life, like eating and laughing. She has been practicing Yoga for the past fifteen years, saying that yoga helped her to figure out how to live her life relating to herself and others in a more positive way.

She finds that being a working professional, a yoga teacher, a wife and mother of two school-age children is a bit like spinning plates: fun, exciting but requires attention and dedication, a constant motion to keep all things “spinning” and in balance. 

Her mantra is “I have all the time to do all the things I love”.

Born and raised in Melbourne, Nat’s mother is Thai and her father is Swiss-American. She attended Melbourne University completing a bachelor’s of Commerce and Art. Later she completed certificates in Fitness and Yoga Teaching. 

Nat values every moment she has with her children. She says they are her “peeps! So fun to hang out with and offer me as much support as I do to them. They have amazing personalities and minds and have been my greatest teachers. It is so rewarding to see them continue to grow and flourish”.

In life, Natanya believes in being kind and compassionate in everything she does and feels inspired to work in Aged Care and support the goal of #makingagedcarebetter

Media: Kinny Legal and Mirus Australia collaboration.