Solving Puzzles with Luke Coe, Head of Technology

April 10, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

Luke Coe, Head of Technology at Mirus Australia likes to solve puzzles. His professional philosophy is underpinned by this, the drive for “finding elegant solutions to complex problems”.

Luke says he is inspired by the culture at Mirus Australia, which focuses on education, the team, suppliers and constantly looking for new ways to support our clients with their own puzzles. He believes we continue to grow because of all we are doing now, the design and building of new technology and enabling people to utilise our products and services to better support older people and the people that care for them.

Luke is also accomplishing some of his most important personal goals and dreams. Luke and his partner Kate recently announced they are expecting their first child towards the end of the year. Having his own family has always been a dream. He has started to plan how he will need to balance his current work ethic, remember to eat and go home, even when the diverse range of projects and the puzzles they present could keep him working well into the night!

After attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science from the University of South Australia, Luke sought to utilise his puzzle solving approach; a fine balance of creative thought with a deep logical understanding of the problem at hand. He revels in looking at issues from many points of view; commercial viability, technical challenges, maintainability, user experience and cost effectiveness, to find the most elegant solution from every angle.

Luke thinks that in finding that solution, it’s important to consider how it may potentially address other problems. He is focused on solutions that can be re-used and sustainable over a longer period of time.

In his spare time Luke loves music, he plays the piano well and the guitar… let’s just say that’s a work in progress!

Luke is one of the few legitimate never-lived-overseas (as yet) Aussies in the Mirus Australia team.  He was born in Hobart and grew up there, Perth and Adelaide before coming to Sydney in search of new professional challenges.

It’s through Luke’s drive and determination of solving puzzles that we can keep #makingagedcarebetter.