The Unconventional CFO: Sam Skyring, The Mirus Group

October 24, 2018 | People at Mirus Australia

Sam Skyring, The Mirus Group’s Chief Financial Officer, is an expert in managing the work-life balance. With a young family and four companies under her care, how Sam balances career progression and her life is inspirational. As a C-level executive who works part-time, she finds her balance by being flexible to schedule changes both at home and at work; but committed to the amount of time dedicated to each.

Sam works three days a week and says “I am very grateful to have this opportunity, not only to work part time, but with the right level of work for the hours I do. I like paying this back by being flexible to the company’s needs whenever possible!”

The experience of dealing with the joys and challenges of family life including other families, allows her to use that same discernment at work. Sam appreciates that people have different skills and need to be encouraged accordingly.

Hired by Transocean, eight and a half years ago, Sam took over the financial management of Mirus when Transocean became an early investor of the company. So technically, she was at Mirus before Mirus even existed! Sam met co-founder of Mirus Australia, James Price, when they were co-workers at PwC.

Sam arrives early on Monday mornings, loves experiencing the office waking up, the smell of coffee and people catching up after the weekend. She loves the culture, the happy and collaborative feel, and works tirelessly to help Mirus to continue to attract and retain strong dedicated staff members, by offering them development, variety and flexibility.

She enjoys following the trajectory not only of Mirus as a company but also of each individual. “It is rewarding to see how James and Rob started and brought Mirus to where we are now. I remember when I started, all three of us coming from a large corporation where everything was secure, and it was a challenge to attract people to Mirus as a brand new start-up!”

Sam finds our diverse and young team inspiring, especially considering we work in the Aged Care sector. Sam believes that our innovative products, intuitive services and energy are all contributing to #makingagedcarebetter.

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