Wanted: 24/7 Salesperson

April 4, 2019 | Aged Care Marketing

Who’s your hardest working employee? If you’re like us, we have a sales person that never seems to take any holidays. For that matter I can’t remember the last time they even took a sick day either. Weird, huh?

That aside, they do tend to generate a lot of sales leads, so I can’t complain. The returns on their time and investment are good. Maybe I should say hello more often. And perhaps even a thank you also to encourage them a little bit more. I mean after all, they do work 24/7 for us, so it would be the least I could do, I guess. Do you have a 24/7 sales person also?

Of course, I’m not talking about a real person. I’m referring to our website. That beautiful content eating machine that loves to work tirelessly for us 24/7, 365 days a year.

Your website is your best asset. So, you need to treat it right. Give it lots of great content to share and boost its immunity with an SSL certificate and a strong password or two. That will optimise it.

But importantly, increase its ego by giving it a great design layout and by using (saying) the right key words. Even websites want to hear nice things said about them. They like it even better when people flatter them by going online and searching for them by name. Using the right phrases seems to do the trick and get their attention (they are very needy like that). They’re very fond of seeing long tails for some reason. I’m not good with fashion.

When your website is optimised and ranks highly in Google’s eyes, great things can happen to your organisation. The phone rings, your form fills out and your inbox becomes full with the good emails, not the junky ones. (Okay, okay, you will still get the junky ones)

The truth is, your customers are online 24/7. So why aren’t you?

They are sitting on the lounge eating ice cream or in front of the TV in the study searching for your organisation. They don’t want to talk to you just yet, but they do want to know everything about you. You just have to decide how much you want to share with them. My advice to you?

Share as much as you can.

It’s how they make decisions. The more they know, the better the chance you will get to meet them. Don’t let any opportunity (lead) slip by. Feed your website with great content that will satisfy your customers queries. As you never know when they will be searching.

Good luck!

PS. Need help with getting your 24/7 ‘Salesperson’ optimised? Contact Mirus Marketing to learn how we can help you rank better in search engines while delivering the best online experience for your potential clients.