100 X 100

April 9, 2019 | Aged Care Management

On 10 March 2019 #Celebratingwomeninagedcare will be 100 days old and will celebrate the 100th woman. So far, these women representing 10 countries including Australia have shared their experiences, inspiration, and wishes with regards to providing care to older people around the globe.

Adele Hauwai Profile #100 lives and works in New Zealand. Having experienced learning disabilities, managing epilepsy and recovering from brain surgery in 2013, Adele was inspired to provide effective communication through sign language. Adele says, “You fall over 7 times and you stand up 8!”

Adele founded SeeCom in 2016, a social enterprise whose mission is to empower multiple communities through the means of sign language, even digital sign language. Their work includes tackling loneliness & communication challenges in the aged care industry.

There are themes strongly emerging from the women celebrated and particularly how they got started in the aged care industry. Including ‘your age does not matter’ and ‘I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school.’ Universally, the women are connected via their wish for a greater understanding of, not only the opportunities for young professionals (and challenges) in aged care, but also the authentic ways to make a difference in the lives of others. The diversity of how women contribute to the ‘industry of care’ is both inspiring and interesting.

“I wish more people recognised how stable housing, coupled with access to supportive services, positively impacts the health and wellness of older adults. Cross-sectors of our society, not just ageing services and healthcare, need to work together to create environments that help older adults age well, and it all begins with stable housing. We need to continue attracting talent to our field, mentoring that talent for success, and being innovative in how we approach solutions in ageing services,’ says Diana Delgado from the USA, Profile #90 #Celebratingwomeninagedcare

Oluwayemisi Oluwole Racheal Profile #58 a social entrepreneur, says she hopes to be a beacon of hope for older people, her generation and the younger generation whom they encourage through their intergenerational programmes HUGGIN (Help Unite Great Generations in Nigeria). Oluwayemisi says they have been able to touch the lives of close to one million older people in Nigeria with their initiatives and projects.

Many women like Lesley MaTook Profile #58 from Australia chose the industry and a professional career path in care. Lesley’s passion for aged care started in 1978 when she was just 15 years old. She started her career as an AIN in a co-located hospital and aged care facility 4 hours south of Brisbane. However, many women “fell into” aged care based on choice, or lack thereof or from their personal experiences of caring for family members.

Many of us experiencing this ‘fall’ into a profession we never knew we would love. Now is the best time to keep raising awareness of all age service professions. Soon there will be more people choosing our industry as a priority. Not only because their skills are in demand, but because of the positive impact we help create to make our world more age-friendly. #CelebratingWomenInAgedCare is just one tribe of like-minded women coming together to celebrate. Image the difference we can create when we all embrace this vision in our workplaces across the globe.

“I chose the care sector as a professional priority,” would be an exciting statement to see celebrated via this campaign says co-creators of #Celebratingwomeninagedcare Samantha Bowen and Amanda Terranova. Join the tribe from around the world by clicking here.