World Ocean Day: Life and Livelihoods in 2021

May 25, 2021 | Aged Care Marketing

The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods

World Oceans Day was recognised by the United Nations on June 8th. World Oceans Day is a day when the entire world comes together to honour the ocean. The theme for this year is “The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods.”  World Oceans Day helps to highlight biodiversity and new oceanic discoveries. It is essential to understand the effects of the ocean on the ecosystem while celebrating and appreciating the life and livelihood provided by the ocean. 

The oceans are our planet’s lungs because they supply most of the oxygen we breathe. The oceans are also a vital part of the biosphere and a major source of food and medicine.

The goal of the day is to raise public awareness about the effects of human actions on the ocean. It is important to build to mobilize and unite the global population for the long-term management of the world’s oceans. Finally, it is a day to celebrate the ocean’s beauty, abundance, and promise as a community. 

By 2030, we should have protected at least 30% of our blue world for a healthy ocean and ecosystem. Restoring our oceans to a healthy state is an important component of the climate solution. 

Fun fact about the ocean: The world’s longest mountain chain is underwater stretching across a distance of 65,000 kilometres! 

Here are a few ways for you to honour the ocean: 

  • Virtually explore the ocean on Google Earth! 
  • Organise a beach clean-up activity. 
  • Support a local coast care charity 
  • Sign the petition to call on world leaders to protect 30% of the planet’s land and ocean by 2030. 

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