Confidential: LASA NextGen only

November 17, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

Hey, thanks for flocking! You rock!

I hope you have the opportunity to connect with the following people. I really admire their achievements and how they move through the world . . . they were NEXT-GEN when they started or they are currently NEXT-GEN.

Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple, and it is also that difficult. – Warren Bennis

  1. Tom Lawrence, founder & director of Swanky Socks
  2. Lucy Osborn, Registered Nurse, NICU, and PAED ED
  3. Dr. Pooja Newman, MBBS and Clinical Director
  4. James Price, co-founder of Mirus Australia

HACK 1: Personal branding building is so much more than social media and clever marketing. Check out this resource that Taranjot from LASA NEXT GEN (Brisbane) found!

HACK 2: Google Yourself.

HACK 3: My goto for continuous education: Harvard Business Review

HACK 4: My goto for aged care media: my friends and journalists at the Australian Ageing Agenda

HACK 5: Teamwork and collaboration: a reminder video from the wisest of wise Chelsea Wymer:

HACK 6: Jay Shetty and his podcast on Purpose

HACK 7: Core Values

HACK 8: Ask your family & friends about what you are famous for?

Amanda Jones, Chief Marketing Officer at Mirus Australia has been sharing her own experiences and the importance of understanding your own leadership style as you lead others into the future of aged care at the LASA Next Gen events around Australia. Please connect with Amanda Jones on LinkedIn.