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February 9, 2020 | People at Mirus Australia

If Tom were a coffee he would be a Long Black with one sugar “because it’s to the point, but sweet.”

Tom is Head of Workforce Management, a recent change after successfully building the Revenue Management team at Mirus Australia. With his team, they optimise staff coverage to the care needs of providers, minimise the complexity of interpreting awards and integrate our technology for improved financial sustainability in aged care.

In his spare time he loves having quality time with his family, enjoying food and anything and everything to do with music. His passion for food includes a dream of opening a ‘Charcuterie’ one day while his love for music includes listening, playing and composing too.

Tom is also a rock climber and balancing on and off the rocks is a skill that he utilises to balance his work and life with a young family. Finding solutions to any problem continually inspires Tom and professionally he is known as approaching challenges like a climb! Tom says we must evaluate our systems, the support, the equipment and how skilled we are to undertake that task or risk and then prepare accordingly.

Growing up in Bristol, UK Tom studied Literature at St. Mary’s University, London. He followed his heart to Australia and only a few months after arriving in Sydney, Mirus Australia and Tom found each other.

Tom has both a professional and personal interest in Business Coaching, and he supports our colleagues across the business to clarify the vision of #makingagedcarebetter and how this fits with the personal goals of individuals. Tom is invested in continual education and the power of collaboration. Having played a lot of team sports he says that this has also influenced his methodology of tapping into the brainpower of many for the best results.

Latin: Mirus (adjective) 

Definitions: 1.       wonderful, strange, remarkable, amazing, surprising, extraordinary

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