ACFI Coordinator Program

August 26, 2019 | Education and Optimisation

“Learning is not limited to attending courses.  The Mirus Academy believes in the ongoing development + personal growth of aged care professionals. We think the best way for people to learn is through real-world experiences and timely feedback. Mirus Academy offers services to continue and embed learning from our business education programs.”

Aron Wong, Senior Consultant + Expert Facilitator

The ACFI Coordinator Program is a comprehensive and interactive experience that covers the content from Mirus Academy ACFI Foundations, ACFI Essentials and ACFI Advanced courses, supported by practical experience, assignments and expert coaching to provide ACFI coordinators with confidence to perform their role effectively and efficiently.

The ACFI Coordinator Program is a 9-week commitment and investment of $20,000 + GST per course with a maximum of 12 participants per course. The program includes face-to-face workshops and weekly online group coaching to support revenue management at your organisation.

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