Are you ready for Fun at Work?

January 21, 2021 | People at Mirus Australia

Fun at Work Day is celebrated on 29th January 2021. 

Work and Fun, together? Really? Why not! 

Keeping things fun while you work has been something that people have strived to accomplish for as long as people have been going to work.   

Modern methods of having fun at work have changed, but the goal is still the same.  Employers want their workers to keep their morale up. High morale helps boost productivity, strengthen teamwork, foster relationships and reduce turnover.  

A win-win! 

Why having fun is important in the workplace? 

In more details, fun in the workplace has been correlated with: 

  • Improved motivation 
  • Higher job satisfaction 
  • Increased productivity
  • Declining of stress 
  • Improved efficiency of duties and responsibilities

So how do you have fun in the workplace? 

Traditionally, below are what organisations around the world have done pre-COVID:  

  • Hosting a boss look-alike contest
  • Organising a cocktail making competition 
  • Go office to office singing random songs 
  • Trivia night 
  • Creating a delicious potluck  
  • Decorating your workspace
  • Team building activities
  • PT/fitness training 

Here are also a few remote / COVIDSafe ways to have fun at work:

  • Online Trivia
  • Virtual cooking/cocktail making class
  • Online PT/fitness classes 
  • Skill sharing sessions 
  • Meme / .gif battles 
  • DIY Craft Challenge 

How are you planning to celebrate Fun at Work Day?

For more ideas how to connect, please download your free copy of The Really Big List from the team at Mirus Australia.