What makes a great place to work a great place to work?

January 15, 2021 | People at Mirus Australia

Working in a company with great culture changes everything says Tania Crivellenti, Facility and Community Manager at Mirus Australia and she reflects on the 10 elements of a great work culture at Mirus Australia.

“I am so productive at work when I am feeling happy. It definitely makes me more efficient around all aspects of my life, the work overflows from the container and spills everywhere. Mirus has everything in my experience, and these are the elements that make me wake up on a Monday as happy as on a Friday morning.”

How does your Company Culture stack up?

At Mirus Australia:

1) People are valued and recognised for their accomplishments

Recognition coming in a balanced way of public acknowledgment of successes, and monetary incentive with fair salaries and rewards when appropriate. As our Chief Marketing Manager, Amanda Jones asks “who packed your parachute?” and says a safe and happy workplace recognises everyone including those who are packing the parachutes and those who take turns in jumping out of the plane! Making sure everyone who participated in achieving are named and recognised.

2) Focus on motivation not just talent 

Just being good at something isn’t enough. People must like to do what they are good at. A great culture focuses on what people are motivated by, even if it’s a challenge and they have the opportunity to learn and develop.

3) Creating a positive environment

Someone said to me recently, a positive place is the one that focus not on if the glass is half full or empty, but it’s the one grateful to have a glass and any content in it! The more we focus on what was done the more energy we have to keep doing. Anytime I focus on what is still to be done, the energy drops. A great place to work is the one looking at what was accomplished and the one always planning, strategising, and motivating to keep accomplishing.

4) Permission to make mistakes and move on

Co-founder at Mirus Australia James Price is always saying that the best strategy is to make mistakes quickly, recognise the failure early, and learn as much from it as possible. That leaves everyone to work free of fear. Making mistakes is a certainty in everyone’s life and so often, if viewed positively, they bring inspiring breakthroughs.

5) Collaboration and bouncing ideas

Feeling connected, part of a team, and that you don’t have to do it all on your own is so reassuring at work. A person to bounce ideas with, people to discuss a project and the direction of the work, even if they aren’t exactly doing the same thing as you are, the support within the team is a must

6) Fun and laughter

Having fun together is a bit intangible, but you know when you have it when you are laughing out loud on your own at something someone posted on the internal communication board. If that happens often, you can tick “fun”. Another indication is simply waking up looking forward to speaking to the people you work with. Of course, shared moments, parties, gatherings, activities, in person or online can make a difference as well.

7) Challenging, not boring!

The comfort zone is well, comfortable, but becomes boring very quickly! You must have challenges and changes constantly, to keep you engaged. Nothing that is too easy can keep us happy for very long.

8) Clarity and focus

It is difficult to feel happy when you don’t know what you are working for, or you can’t recognise your achievements because there is no clarity in what you are trying to do. Clear timelines, missions and visions, values and strategies, and performance indicators, are great tools to help us know when we are doing well and why; and where to prioritise and focus our energy.

9) Meaning and purpose

At Mirus Australia, our values help guide our day-to-day work. It’s important for all of us to check in to see if our company’s values are aligned with our personal values. Do we still believe in our mission of #makingagedcarebetter and are we feeling inspired and motivated?

10) Personal and all of the leaves on a tree

A good culture must be personal, so people are not just one more leaf on a big tree. We need to see and value each leaf. With care and flexibility to individual circumstances. For me, it must also value diversity, integrity, and respect for all: employees, clients, and every stakeholder.

For more ideas how to connect please download your free copy of The Really Big List from the team at Mirus Australia.