Internlings at Mirus: 1st month with Zoe

December 18, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

Being an intern, what does it entail?

The chance to be an intern after high school has always been both appealing yet intimidating prospect to me, due to not actually knowing what being an intern would entail…

Upon graduating I was lucky enough to be offered a three-month-long summer internship at Mirus Australia.

Before joining Mirus, like so many others, part of me would associate the word “intern” with doing jobs such as ‘coffee runs’ and small tasks which other employees would rather not do – aka their “dirty work”! However, after diving head first into the business operations of Mirus, it only took me a couple of hours to realise my opportunities as an intern would be much greater than I had anticipated, which was super exciting!

Obviously with starting a new role I was initially unsure of projects I’d be involved in. I was particularly interested to see what tasks I’d have regarding my expressed areas of interest including marketing, human resources, and events. All of which I began to touch on and become involved in straight away during my first week, which is keeping me busy!

Me (seated) with Amanda Jones, Chief Marketing Officer in front of our Change Doesn’t Have to Suck campaign.

My favourite thing about Mirus so far, besides the fact that I have already learned so much about the business, would be the relaxed yet business-focused culture and work environment. This is highly appealing and motivating to me. As well as connecting with the diverse and dynamic people at Mirus, I have become fascinated with all aspects of life in the workforce!

Interning at Mirus is an opportunity to work in a different industry and field of work to what I had experienced prior, including paid work in retail and work experience in education.

In addition to all these positives of my early life as an intern, this experience does not confine me to one area of business. Rather it is flexible in allowing me to explore many business functions and talk with different employees in different teams who work on different products.

So far, I can definitely say I’m enjoying this new adventure of being Mirus’ newest employee and intern-ling! Being an intern is an encouraging, exciting and enriching opportunity with great people, which sets you up with skills, necessary knowledge, and experience for future studies and employment. I know this is true for me, as despite it only being the beginning of my internship, within days I felt I had answered the question of what being an intern entails in relation to being at Mirus!

Signing off for now + see you again at the end! – Zoe | Mirus Australia Intern