Making space for good ideas.

February 21, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

Bojana Sokolovic is a highly respected team leader at Mirus Australia. Day-to-day Bojana manages the Mirus Clinical Assessment team and the offsite technology team.

In 2018 Bojana received Mirus Australia’s most prestigious award, “The Founders Choice”. This award is given to a team member who provided an outstanding contribution to Mirus Australia and is awarded by co-Founders and Managing Director James Price and Executive Director Rob Covino.

The entire team at Mirus Australia admire Bojana for her leadership style. Bojana takes the time to know her team, understand each of their goals, what motivates them, their skills and understand where the opportunities to grow are. Bojana believes in supporting consistent development of each of her team members and their expertise.

“Good leaders ensure their team are happy to go to work, they are motivated, because this is when good ideas and innovation happens,” she says.

Bojana believes her multicultural experiences with her family have aided her abilities to manage the diversity of her team. When Bojana was a child her father was a journalist and writer, corresponding for the National Newspaper and was stationed in China for over four years. Bojana had another similar experience in Moscow, where she started her Uni degree in Economics. She completed her degree in Belgrade, returning home, to her place of birth. When Bojana married, they moved to the USA, where she lived for ten years and gained her second citizenship.

Based on Bojana’s experiences of living and traveling to other countries, it’s not surprising that one of her values is continued development and education. While living in the USA she completed her MBA in Finance and Accounting. She says:

“Maintaining balance in life while doing executive education is not a simple task, it requires commitment and dedication, but it is highly valuable and worth the effort. We all have times in our lives to be dedicated to what is important to us and we can always make space, to improve our skills and expertise.”

When Bojana help build the Clinical Assessment function at Mirus Australia, her team had very limited knowledge of the Aged Care industry but now, their expertise results in improved performance for clients every day.

Bojana balances work with love and time with her family. Bojana, her husband, and two children love to be outdoors as much as they can, and she dreams of owning a cute Bed & Breakfast on a sandy beach one day.

Meanwhile, we all have the pleasure of working with Bojana as she builds a team that is #makingagedcarebetter.