Mirus Australia Announcement

July 4, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

Integrating our people with our client’s people and our co-designed technology platforms with the goal of #makingagedcarebetter is what drives us.

In this month’s Australian Ageing Agenda our co-founder, James Price said:

“With modern technology, we know how far an Uber is from our house by looking at the location on our smartphone. So, if we know how far away a ride-sharing service is, shouldn’t we know who is working in our facility looking after our older Australians in real-time?  Creating the future of aged care requires a new way of thinking.”

To that end, we are excited to announce that Mirus Australia has appointed Andrew Farmer, as Chief Executive Officer to support how we think now and into the future. Andrew brings specific expertise to our own technology capabilities. He has worked in manufacturing, banking and for consulting firm PwC. He recently led an enterprise-wide transformation project to embed the organisation’s strategy and technology to enable modern ways of working and operating.

As our team prepares for Mirus Australia’s 10th anniversary, Andrew’s appointment enables co-founder’s James Price and Robert Covino to continually focus on building and executing on strategic channels and partnerships. They are also ensuring their individual expertise is focused on the changing needs of the industry and ultimately the lives of the people you care for. 

The new financial year brings a number of changes including another update for ACFI rates.  Mirus Australia have already updated, tested and published the new rates across our products including Mirus ACFI Calculator, Web Calculator, Mirus Admissions Companion, Mirus Works! and Mirus Metrics. We have also come up with a unique guide that will help you map your resources to the 8 new quality standards.

Over a third of our industry relies on Mirus Metrics for the most up-to-the-minute insights into Medicare Data. This is critical for financial planning, for risk and quality purposes and to support the clinical needs of the residents via the ACFI claim.  We are also pleased to announce, that not only will you be able to read Medicare Data, but you’ll also be able to submit a funding claim and other events to Medicare via Mirus Connect very soon.

“We believe the separation of care management systems and financial processes will help reduce the risk of funding-led claims decisions and enables further checks to be carried out before a claim is submitted. Internal Audit functions often refer to segregation of duties and the ability to operate these processes using Mirus Connect supports this widely accepted principle. Currently Mirus Metrics handles over $4 billion of Medicare funding each year, a responsibility we are proud to deliver,” says James Price.

For more information and to discuss this announcement, please contact us here.