Mirus Emerging Leader Program – Follow up with Ty Fisher

July 2, 2020 | People at Mirus Australia

Ty Fisher is an emerging / future leader at Mirus Australia and recently participated in the Mirus Emerging Leaders Program.

The program has been designed to nurture leadership capabilities, provide education and career development opportunities, and assist team members in becoming the best leader they can possibly be!

The program includes:

Module 1 – Understanding the Self

Module 2 – Influencing Others

Module 3 – Coaching and Driving Performance

Participants also complete course work in-between sessions including utilising our LinkedIn Learning program or reading specific articles to support our blended learning approach. Participants also complete an online HBDI assessment ** which is the foundation of Module 1.

As a follow up, we asked Ty:

(1) What is the biggest challenge facing you and/or leadership teams today?

There are so many channels of communication, apart from the usual suspects (phone, email, messaging) and many companies use CRMs to track client communication, issues, and requests in addition to workflow/project software for product roadmaps, development, and project management.  It is challenging to isolate the channels for their intended purpose while also pulling all channels together in order to prioritise and direct team efforts.

(2) What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time? 

Leading by example does not mean doing everything that you ask your team to do, but rather enabling your team to be successful by providing the support and guidance to achieve the goals and complete the tasks you set.

(3) What are you going to do to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader? 

Continuing education should be on everyone’s roadmap because almost everything you learned in school, in business and about your industry will be outdated before you finish.  I am interested to see how remote collaboration and remote learning will develop and adapt to account for the loss of office community and culture.  All of our technology-based business-enablement and communication tools lack the atmosphere and dynamic of face to face interaction, which should lead to some interesting concepts that we are all compelled to learn in the future

The HBDI® is a powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the way you think and process information. It is built on Whole Brain® Thinking, a holistic and complete model for making decisions. This 120-question survey results in a profile of your preferred thinking styles.