Mirus Emerging Leader Program – Meet Sandeep VM

May 22, 2020 | People at Mirus Australia

Sandeep VM has been identified as an emerging / future leader at Mirus Australia and was invited to participate in the Mirus Emerging Leaders Program.

This program has been designed to nurture leadership capabilities, provide education and career development opportunities, and assist team members in becoming the best leader they can possibly be!

The program includes: Module 1 – Understanding the Self Module 2 – Influencing Others Module 3 – Coaching and Driving Performance

Participants also complete course work in-between sessions including utilising our LinkedIn Learning program or reading specific articles to support our blended learning approach. Participants also complete an online HBDI assessment ** which is the foundation of Module 1

1. What are you hoping to gain from this experience?

How to be a more effective leader to empower and influence people to achieve the business and team goals, and to learn how to develop my own leadership style to add value to the organisation.     

2. How is “your world” changing?

My world is definitely changing with more responsibilities both from a technical and people management perspective. From the technical side, there are a lot of changes happening with regards to IT & Cyber Security, so I am learning new skills all the time to ensure we are up-to-date. The leadership training certainly adds value to both technical and people management. And we always said #changedoesnthavetosuck but of course, we understand that #changemaysuck for many people.

3. What tools/process do you use to stay focused when learning something new?

With the industry that we work in and the kind of products and services that we offer, there’s something to learn every day. I try to do simple things like creating a “to-do” list either on OneNote or in a Notebook and complete the most difficult part of a task first before doing the easier ones and this have helped me to stay focused.          

4. What is your career highlight to date?

I joined Mirus as an IT Team lead in 2018. This was my first job since migrating to Australia and it was one of the best years of my career, if not the best! I was responsible for a compliance project which included data migration from Google to Microsoft, setting up the infrastructure and making sure we are 100% compliant. I received s promotion to Manager and I am now responsible for IT Security and have other IT responsibilities as they arise.

** The HBDI® is a powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the way you think and process information. It is built on Whole Brain® Thinking, a holistic and complete model for making decisions. This 120-question survey results in a profile of your preferred thinking styles.