#Movember with Tania Crivellenti

November 3, 2020 | People at Mirus Australia

Tania Crivellenti, Facilities & Community Manager, is a resident “Swiss-army-knife” – with many and varied tasks to manage, people to support and her priorities shift constantly. Join Tania on LinkedIn.

“Participating in Movember – I will meditate and focus on Men’s health.” – Tania Crivellenti

We zoomed with Tania to discuss the importance of Movember and raising awareness about mens health.

Why do you participate in Movember?

I wish all we had to deal with now is the pandemic and the daily results of it, but it seems that fates have more in store for us.

Men are being knocked down like trees around me, for reasons other than Covid-19. I have friends battling cancer, an uncle who just passed, and other deaths in my distant family who have all been men.

That is a great reason for me to participate in Movember. To help remind all the strong men out there that being vulnerable and checking on their health often is important and a sign of masculinity, not weakness.

To Movember with them.

Do you have or know anyone whose Movember might benefit?

My friend Nestor Manuelian is on my mind daily, with his battle with bowel cancer. You can check him out on Facebook.

Nestor has been advocating strongly for men’s health since his diagnosis and has already touched many lives and created positive change around him with his videos.

I’m also thinking not only of people surviving, but living their full potential.  Living a fully realised life, just by doing what they desire the most and not staying in their comfort zones.

Movember inspires thoughts on the hardships of life and that, in its turn, opens up the chance to think beyond the obvious and comfort, challenging us to contemplate new possibilities, and creating inspiration and motivation for action.

So what are you doing this Movember 2020?

Moving, walking, and meditating on the theme of “health” will be my focus this November, and then, writing that inspiration down as I balance Moving-Movember with my own writing.