Overcoming challenges

August 12, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

Have you ever been tasked with mentoring or coaching someone through a challenging time?  This could be a team member who has taken on a new role, a friend who is going through a difficult time or, in my case, a child who is going through the HSC!

When contemplating how I could use my expertise as a People + Culture professional to help my son keep the HSC ‘real’, I stumbled upon this article which had been issued by the school he attends and I thought it said it all:

  1. Make a plan – try and focus especially on the next step you will take to address your issue.  Even if you have no idea how you will overcome the challenge, remain positive that things will work out and try to use the challenges an opportunity to grow and become a better person
  2. Keep your cool – be patient. Panic will only drain you physically and emotionally.  Be reasonable, remain persistent and calm
  3. Forgive – We often blame others or ourselves for our problems; the only exacerbates our pain and distracts us from addressing the issue.  The question is not, “Who can I blame?” The question is, “how can I grow and overcome this?”
  4. Avoid dwelling on your problems – often what wears us down most is not the actual problem, but the constant thinking about it.  Have a set time when you think about the update your game plan.  The rest of the time try to keep your mind elsewhere
  5. Live life – don’t put your life on hold just because you’re struggling in the one area.  Give yourself permission to be happy and enjoy life, as best you can. Throughout the day, look for reasons to smile or laugh. Having a slight smile on your face, even for no reason, can shift your mindset to a more positive one.
  6. Help others – even if your life is full of struggles, see how you can be of service to other people. We’re all in this together; by assisting each other, we will get through our difficulties
  7. Focus on what’s going right – when dealing with an issue, our tendency is to focus on the difficult. Instead, make sure to notice and appreciate your blessings
  8. Realise everyone has difficulties – often we compare our lives to others, especially the external, public version. We are only seeing a small part of the overall picture. If we knew all their issues, psychological problems or family difficulties, we may prefer our own situations, even if they come with challenges
  9. Take care of yourself – many times, we become so consumed with our difficulties that we neglect our health, which only makes matters worse.  Eat nutritious meals and get adequate sleep and exercise
  10. Reach out for support – family members, friends, colleagues, counsellors, psychologists can all provided much-needed support. Don’t be ashamed; everyone needs help at some point

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