Love your pets even more this coming 11th April 2021!

February 9, 2021 | People at Mirus Australia

Did you know that April 11th is Pet Day? 

Pet Day is a day started in 2006 by Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert Colleen Paige. It has been observed annually since.

This holiday was first started in the U.S., however, it didn’t take long for pet lovers worldwide to begin celebrating Pet Day. Countries such as New Zealand, Italy, the UK, and of course Australia, were amongst those that adopted April 11th as Pet day. 

This holiday is dedicated to showing appreciation to all of the pets in the world. It is also a day to encourage pet owners to recognise the unconditional love, constant support and lasting companionship which their pets give them daily. (see more on this in the doggo series)

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A brief history of pet day 

Colleen is a known advocate for the adoption of pets. Pet day served as a way for her to share her passion and spread awareness for this cause on a more public scale. The overall aim of pet day is to decrease the number of animals being euthanised due to a lack of shelter capacity, and to rather adopt a pet. ‘Don’t shop! Adopt!’ has now become the motto of this holiday. 

How to celebrate pet day 

On pet day, people are encouraged to give their pets extra love, time, and care. Taking pictures with your pet, buying them new toys, giving them treats, teaching them new tricks or taking them for an outing or a walk, are great ways to get in the spirit of Pet Day. 

In addition to spoiling your furry friends, volunteering at the local animal shelter or donating blankets, food, or toys to animals living in shelters is another great way to celebrate pet day. 

So whether you have a pet or not, why not get involved in Pet Day for 2021? 

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