Picture Perfect: Holiday Traditions #mirusmistletoemagic

December 17, 2020 | People at Mirus Australia

Do you have any traditions this time of year? Either with family, friends, work colleagues, or the residents and clients at your organisation? Welcome to Mirus Mistletoe Magic #mirusmistletoemagic where our team is sharing their own traditions…

Mirus Australia Business Intern, Zoe Farmer shares her family’s picture perfect holiday tradition! 

Coordinating quality time to spend with family and friends over the festive season is a common tradition amongst a number of Mirus employees, and all celebrated in different ways.  

A tradition for Zoe’s family every year is Zoe and her sisters (including their dog) take a Santa photo. This photo is always taken ‘sometime during December in the days leading up to Christmas’. 

Zoe described this tradition as being ‘a lot of fun’ and a great memory when looking back at Christmas each year! 

Another thing that makes Santa photos so fun for Zoe and her sisters is the fact that there is always a ‘theme’ coordinated, ensuring everyone is dressed similarly. 

The above are examples of the last three (3) annual Christmas photos for Zoe and her sisters.  

In 2017, it was a denim theme, then a black and white theme in 2018. For 2019, everyone dressed in pink and for 2020, the theme for the Santa photo is… neutrals and browns. 

Stay tuned for more festive and fun filled traditions that will be shared as we celebrate the holidays, or as we call it #MirusMistletoeMagic