Mirus ConnectMe

Connecting families with their loved ones in care

Aged care providers are facing increased scrutiny and needing to increase transparency around quality while managing risk


Aged care providers are:

  • Looking for ways to differentiate themselves to prospective residents
  • Seeking ways to improve the quality of their service, brand perception and reputation
  • Facing increased scrutiny around quality and needing to increase transparency and manage risk

Family members are:

  • Wanting to know how their loved one is doing day to day
  • Not able to visit regularly
  • Feeling disconnected with their loved one in care and wanting to be more involved in their life
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ConnectMe facilitates transparency around three key themes related to wellbeing: physical health, goals and aspirations, and connection. The solution leverages an application on mobile smart devices to connect family members through:

A shared calendar

  • Residents’ families have greater visibility over their loved ones planned care, activities and overall wellbeing
  • Promotes family involvement through mobile technology

A life dashboard

  • Provides key wellbeing insights to residents and to their families

An Aspire dashboard

  • Facilitates the identification, recording and tracking of individual wellness goals of each resident from our CMS
  • Emphasises residents as individuals allowing the resident and family to see the wellbeing goals and aspirations agreed upon

“ConnectMe facilitates open communication and transparency around a resident’s health.”

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How you can be involved

Following an overwhelming interest from industry, Mirus Australia is sponsoring the development of a bid to establish an industry led digital platform. We are seeking founding industry partners to co-fund the development of this solution.

The benefits of being a Founding Industry partner are:

  • An ability to shape the design agenda of the platform from the outset
  • Achieve a first-to-market advantage in relation to other providers across the industry
  • Set yourself as a leader in the industry by demonstrating your willingness to embrace innovation and progress ‘measurable’ quality of life improvements for future care recipients
  • Benefit from generous license discounts and ongoing affiliation as a Foundational Partner


  • Stage 1 expressions of interest closes 31/10/2017
    • EOI must include:
      • Expression of financial commitment.
  • Finalisation of partners 10/11/2017
  • Should the Bid progress to Stage 2 a more formal agreement would be entered into with the industry partner
  • Please contact the bid manager Natanya Full: natanya.full@mirusaustralia.com, 0421 357 657