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A long life is definitely worth caring about.

And so is the life of your brand.

Marketing for aged care.

Providers are facing tighter margins due to escalating costs of care, funding cuts, and tougher competition as facilities build, buy or refurbish. In today’s market, consumers are inundated with choice.

Standing out in this environment is not just an aged care industry challenge but a business challenge. However, we have unique nuances, legislation, and constraints in our industry.

Mirus Australia extends our industry-leading expertise across many functions of an aged care provider to provide Mirus Marketing. Whether you require assistance with strategic marketing formulation, tactical support, reporting or an end-to-end marketing to conversion solution, we are available to discuss anytime.


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Mirus Marketing: Pulse & Diagnostics

Ensure your strategic marketing plan captures the nuances & ‘the pulse’  of the aged care industry for improved planning and to inform your marketing tactics. For example, occupancy benchmarking, market reach, demographics, your share of voice against your competitors and accommodation pricing comparison. Suitable for board directors, executives, and senior marketing professionals.

Mirus Marketing: Dashboard reporting

You have your marketing activity humming, the phone is ringing and your lead pipeline is full! However, you could certainly do with an extra pair of hands and eyes at the end of the month! Utilise our senior marketing managers and data analysts for your monthly reporting requirements. Suitable for middle managers and marketing professionals in aged care.


Mirus Marketing: Human-Centred Design

Human-centered design (HCD) is a design thinking framework that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process. Supported by our sister company Alive, a design and innovation company. Partnering with you, we help you find and create the best solutions for any challenge in your organisation. Suitable for executives, middle managers, and change makers.

Mirus Marketing: Co-source

Your marketing strategy and budget has been approved by the board! Whoo Hoo! However, your marketing team of none, or one or let’s just say it’s really, really small and you need some help, work closely with our dedicated senior marketing managers to support your tactical execution plan. Suitable for executives, middle managers, and marketing professionals.

Mirus Marketing: Digital + MAC

The Mirus Australia pièce de résistance integrating people + technology. Digital marketing campaign design and implementation support to enhance brand awareness and to drive inquiries, to lead source management and finally conversion with Mirus Marketing and Mirus Admissions Companion. Suitable for middle managers, admission managers, and marketing professionals.

Aged Care Nudge-a-thon

Recently we partnered with innovAGEING and the University of Technology in Sydney with Alive and our team from Mirus Australia to host an aged care Nudge-a-thon. We joined forces to bring together respective networks in aged care, innovation, design, and entrepreneurship. You can read more at innovAGEING.

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