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Pressure on aged care facilities increases every day

Managers are facing tighter margins due to the escalating costs of care, funding cuts, and tougher competition as new facilities come online. In today’s market, consumers are inundated with choice.

Standing out in this environment is now an industry-wide problem that Mirus Marketing has the solution to. You already know and trust Mirus for our ability to streamline your business operations, now it’s time to use our analytical expertise to give your facility the profile it deserves.

Mirus Marketing extends our industry-leading diagnostics service to provide a full suite of marketing and promotional services. We leverage digital channels to meet your audience where they are already spending time: the internet.

Each package offers an opportunity to choose the marketing and promotional tools you need

Trust Package

The Trust package introduces your business to the digital world, delivering an overarching range of tools to achieve digital cut-through at a foundational campaign and strategic level.

Including overall account management, website management, copywriting, photography and monthly content reporting.

Care package

The Care package extends our services to deliver even greater focus on strategic development.

Additional to the essentials available through the Trust package, such as concept development and content creation, posting and competitor analysis.

Care includes videography, campaign PR and events, website building, media releases and monthly eDM’s.

Love package

The love package is designed as a full suite offering and covers every element your business might need for consistent, on-going strategic development, and the refinement and evolution of your brand.

In addition to the benefits you receive at other tiers, Love incorporates marketing and promotional advantages such as branding and design, and provision of all-inclusive style guides.

The love package also means Mirus Marketing will work with you to develop a comprehensive Targeted Marketing Strategy that will ensure your business moves with the times, stays on message and achieves the digital presence you need into the future.

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