Cardiac Nurse to Rocket ship!

October 2, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

Shannon Sanderson is the National Business Development Manager at Mirus Australia. The role and responsibilities of this position requires Shannon to have a high level of adaptability which she has developed from her experience as a nurse.

Shannon credits her family for providing the opportunity to hone this requirement!  Family is the most important thing to Shannon and she has her families initials tattooed on her wrist, completed in celebration of her fortieth birthday. With three children, who are young adults now, two dogs and a cat, she has fully experienced all of the highs and lows of family life. Including supporting three (3) children to complete year 12, University study, and one joining the army and attend the Australian Defence Force Academy. While the children were growing up, their home was the club house and was constantly full of people, even to this day Shannon says she “could be cooking for two, five or twenty for dinner”.  With one living interstate Shannon’s happy place is when they are all together, filling the family home with laughter and competitive games of Uno! Shannon is currently utilising her adaptability skills whilst helping her daughter plan a wedding and looks forward to spoiling grandchildren one day. 

Being in an industry that is quickly changing and evolving has enabled Shannon to shine. She is constantly inspired by the clients she gets to work with and enable them to shine as well.

“I get to talk people who are feeling stressed, nervous and challenged by some of the complexities facing our industry. I like to reassure people that firstly they are not alone and that many are facing the same or similar problems. Secondly, there are solutions that will help them resolve what they facing. Of course, it’s even better when I can provide a Mirus Australia solution. If we can provide some of the answers or assist with simplifying a process then this allows our clients to concentrate on what they really do the best, which is to care for people.

Caring is something that Shannon understands well, having worked as a nurse in the acute care, cardiac, district nursing and disabilities sectors. She misses the human interaction of nursing and until a few years ago Shannon’s worked as a Sports Trainer for a local Australian Rules Football club – giving her that “patient” interaction time (as well as managing a few broken bones).

What Shannon enjoys the most about being at Mirus Australia  is being in an organisation that creates the magic!  Mirus Australia co-designs and develops in-house, dedicated products and services for aged care and with aged care.

“It’s exciting to be able to see solutions being created from problem to solve, to concept to delivery and then see the real results achieved by our clients.”

When Shannon represents Mirus Australia in the market, at events or conferences, she is aware that she has a great team back at head office hammering the nuts and bolts into place.

As Shannon’s is a National position she is frequently on the road.  

“I love supporting a charity called “Pinch-a-Poo” – slang for pinch-a-shampoo who are proudly responsible for creating a cheeky hotel toiletry “pinching” movement over 10 years ago and for a good reason! Basically you can unload all the mini toiletries that you have accumulated and know you are doing good with so many hotel stays!”

Shannon was welcomed into Mirus Australia by “leaning in”. Her favourite quote is If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”by Sheryl Sandberg. Shannon believes that many women get anxious and tend to be cautious when accepting challenging positions. When the opportunity to join Mirus presented itself, she decided to jump right in instead

“I have been very fond of James and Rob for a long time and remember when they started their business nearly 10 years ago and were known as ‘the ACFI guys’.”

Mirus Australia and Shannon provide our clients with so much more than ACFI optimisation now and Shannon says she is proud of what James, Rob and the entire team at Mirus Australia have created and the shared goal of  #makingagedcarebetter. 

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