Internlings at Mirus: Completed Summer Internship

February 20, 2020 | People at Mirus Australia

Well, so much has changed since I started my summer internship here at Mirus! But one thing is for sure, I’ve been kept busy, occupied and stimulated over the past three months.

Reflecting on when I first started, I had a lot of nerves coming into this whole new experience but as the days and weeks went by, I slowly became more confident in my role and understanding the business culture at Mirus.

Similarly, I also became more confident in working with my colleagues and understanding their roles. Along with this I gained a deeper understanding of Mirus’s purpose and the three key solutions that are offered and our goal of #makingagedcarebetter. With confidence and understanding came the ability to become more involved in various projects, learning from different people in the business and developing my professional skills further.

All aspects of my summer internship have truly opened my eyes to the business world and more specifically the aged care industry and I’ve loved every moment!

Not only did I have the chance to work on an array of projects, but I was also pushed outside my comfort zone with some of these projects. Funnily enough, some of these challenging moments ended up being some of my most memorable experiences for me during my time at Mirus.

One project that I thoroughly enjoyed was the opportunity I had to create an end to end conference, training workshops and events at Mirus process. In this project, I was able to work alongside Mirus’s very own, amazing Chief Marketing Officer. For this project, I was assigned a due date by which I was expected to complete the project by, and then present my work at the monthly company wide meeting! As someone who doesn’t particularly like public speaking and presenting, this was a daunting final stage to my project, and definitely pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Although at times I dreaded the date of this meeting which was slowly approaching, I was optimistic at how great the experience of presenting would be for me in a professional setting. Sure enough, I was right, and I felt super accomplished afterward at the fact that I had presented the slideshow that I made outlining my marketing project to the team. I’m very grateful for the encouragement to present at this meeting as any new experience is truly a good experience!

Another highlight would be how much I loved the work-life experience and the opportunity to connect and meet many talented individuals and groups. This included both internally with Mirus employees as well as externally with being able to meet several incredible clients from different aged care facilities.

It’s honestly quite hard to sum up the great experience I’ve had at Mirus after almost working full time for the past 3 months, as there are just so many great things to talk about but I’ll conclude this blog with how I started my first… 

So, being an intern, what does it entail? I can now answer that question confidently in saying that being an intern at Mirus entails the opportunity to work in a dynamic and vibrant workplace. You have the choice, support and encouragement to take on new opportunities, talk to new people and become involved in different projects.

I’d highly recommend the internship program at Mirus to anyone curious to become an intern-ling and to experience the similar opportunities that the Mirus internship program offered me.

  • Be brave and confident in your abilities and what you can contribute to the team
  • Get involved and talk to the people around you as they are very knowledgeable and have lots of interesting information and knowledge to offer and;
  • Never turn any task down and rather seize every opportunity you have, as I guarantee whether the task is big or small, there’s always something valuable to be learned from it.

Signing off for now + see you again soon! – Zoe | Mirus Australia 2019/2020 Summer Intern