10 years + 10 personality traits of the Mirus Australia team

October 2, 2020 | People at Mirus Australia

Mirus Australia is celebrating our 10 year anniversary in October 2020 or how we like to say, 10 years of #makingagedcarebetter. Below is a top 10 from Tania Crivellenti, Facilities & Community Manager, and our resident Swiss-army knife.


That’s the percentage of time that I’ve lived, laughed, and worked at Mirus Australia since the business was founded 2010 – 10 years ago in 2020.

We like data. We often say that it’s in our DNA. The other important part of the equation is our people and that is my specialty.

During the 4 years I have had the privilege of sharing my time with this inspiring team. I often interview our team members to share life behind the scenes at Mirus Australia.

It may not be a surprise that the team has many personality traits in common. Little do they know but I have been cataloging, analysing, and scrutinising my colleagues, and here are the 10 common qualities I regularly observe in the Mirus team:

1) Intelligence

Logical thinking can’t be taken for granted. I find the Mirus team constantly looking and coming up with solutions in many ingenious ways. That is exactly how Mirus Works! got started. The solution that our people saw many times when working with direct clients: rostering with pen and paper or spreadsheets and they knew they had to find a better way. A solution that was designed with aged care and for aged care. During any of our events whether online or not, the conversations are always interesting, upbeat, and energetic. Which brings me to my next point: –

2) Positiveness

The team is energetic, vibrant, and always focusing on the top part of the glass. A few years back we had a tough month for a number of reasons and what we still call “The Most Depressing Team Townhall Ever”. We can laugh about it now as we put our heads down and keep our focus. But being positive doesn’t do anything if you just think about it – you need to be:

3) Industrious

The Mirus team are not scared of hard work. The whole team go out of their way to make things better, even if they will have to work more to make ideas into reality! They aren’t shy about the prospect of creating more work for themselves for the fulfillment of seeing the result. One of my colleagues just went out of their way to find another team member’s Mum’s address – in secret – so we could send her some get well flowers after surgery, something that demonstrates:-

4) Loyalty + Family Values

We feel like a family. There is a strong sense of kindness and care for each other. Our Mirus Meets (not Vegetables) program has been a great success, where we promote people to meet people (instead of vegging on the sofa) in their local area for opportunities for real connection during isolation – while still observing all the restrictions. We have numerous boomerangs – people who have worked at Mirus or with Mirus before and then come back! For me that also shows:

5) Courage

Mirus is quite unique in what it does and the way it does it. Creating technology and consultancy for Aged Care in our own unique way is inspiring. There are not many out our team of professionals who arrived ready for the aged care industry. Most of us had to learn and adapt to the environment and industry needs and really quickly. We have people who started from many different and varied backgrounds – from English Literature to Physiotherapy, to traditional consulting backgrounds. In my view that takes a lot of courage to change and embrace new challenges. That started with our role models, our co-founders, Robert Covino and James Price, who had the courage to bet everything on Mirus when we started our Journey on 1st October, 10 years ago. We all have to show:-

6) Resilience

As they say, it is not about things always working, it is about how quickly and strongly one recovers. It is about seeing the potential sometimes, rather than the result. That is how our Mirus Admissions solution got started and keeps getting better by helping so many providers through some of their hardest times now. So, we employed:

7) Persistence

Getting the job done is one of our highest valuesMirus Metrics and our Revenue Management Solutions have been at the core of our 10 years of persistence. Transforming Medicare data into user-friendly solutions is not a small feat. It takes our technology people much of “all the above” traits to daily conform the data and share the value with our clients. Our team manages “Data-warehouse-not-refreshed-mornings” when our wizards search for the reasons for the errors and fix it with amazing speed and resourcefulness, and most of all with quality, which shows the team members also have:

8) Drive

They are focused, driven, and, what I deem high achievers. You find the examples in winners of Soccer Championships, in artistic talents, in our Head of Technology who doesn’t just sing, he sings like Sinatra. They are competitive and fun, and together, we recently walked 8 million steps during Steptember.org.au a clear example of:

9) Activeness

Every conversation I have with my colleagues shows me examples of people’s special active interests. People meet to play cricket, (a photo that won our Photo of the Month prize recently), walk, play hockey, and even roller skate! We have our social club with Dancing, Yoga, and PT. And our yoga teacher is one of our own. From running after puppies to rolling down hills or shaking your booty on your own and clapping loudly in the living room with the team via zoom! But active endeavours aren’t the only other interests we have – I think every other team member has something else they love doing, clearly showing:

10) Balance

Illustrators, gardeners, singers, cricketers, dancers, foodies… If we want to know about food and restaurants, we know to ask our workforce manager. The Mirus team balances work and the many aspects of a well-lived life. For example, our Head of Workforce is passionate about Charcuterie, all our family people are crazy about their families, our fur-parents share their love for the furry and feathery ones and we often see them stroll across our screens!

In summary, these have been an amazing 10 Years at Mirus, with many incredible past + present people! For more about us and our 10 year timeline.

With Tania Crivellenti, Facilities + Community Manager, Mirus Australia + 10 years of #makingagedcarebetter.