Top 10 places where you can’t suck

September 15, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

Amanda Terranova, Chief Marketing Officer at Mirus Australia is a brand and marketing professional with significant domestic and international experience. Amanda promotes contemporary marketing practices which firmly places the customer at the centre of all sales and marketing strategies.

Campaign: Change doesn’t have to suck.

Campaign Message: Change is inevitable in aged care. Co-source with Mirus Australia who are experts in financial sustainability during times of change.

Due to biological, practical, evidenced based or scientific reasons, the following are places where you can’t suck:

(1) If you are visiting the moon

(2) Swimming under water

(3) Licking your elbow

(4) Focusing on riding a unicycle

(5) When you are jumping up and down

(6) During the process of completing a cartwheel

(7) While holding your breath

(8) When you are wearing an astronaut suit

(9) Taking a ride on a roller coaster

(10) Working with the team at Mirus Australia

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