What are you thinking? A way of life for Anthony Carroll

May 21, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

For Anthony, “thinking” is a way of life.  


The ability to think is crucial for a design thinker, brand evangelist and the desire to support “others to look awesome”. Anthony Carroll is Marketing and Brand specialist at Mirus Australia and is passionate about Human Centred Design.


Anthony collaborates with the Mirus Australia team and our clients to translate technical jargon into more than just communication that we can all understand; it’s about translating information into feelings. He considers one of his skills in marketing to be an “interpreter” for example taking technical information and making it user-friendly.


He believes that each day is a chance to start again. A chance to explore, be curious and creative. He shares with the broader team at Mirus Australia, a passion for challenging the norms and actively supports the team’s mindset of collaboration and diversity.


When relating the way we work, to the work we do, Anthony says that “the Aged Care industry is very human-centric, no matter what you say or do, you have to maintain the focus on people and the benefits for them.” 


He believes it’s important to focus on the development of people. But also believes that there are certainly transferable skills no matter what role you do. These include attitude, work ethic, curiosity and passion as drivers in work and life. Regardless of what role you are in, according to Anthony, if you have the right attitude and approach you can transfer these skills to any position. You can teach people how to do a job or a task, but it is much harder to teach them a different way of thinking such as being curious or passionate about something.”


Every two months, Anthony takes his passion around Human centred design and teaches Design Thinking workshops at the Centre for Continuing Education, the University of Sydney where a diverse group of students in age and backgrounds enjoy a full day of learning and exploring the methodology of human centred design.


In his spare time, Anthony is a fervent cricketer and baseball player, and a tea enthusiast. One of his dreams is to create an online tea experiential comparison site, a place where people can rate their tea experience; creating a global map of the best tea in the world.


For now (while drinking his tea at Mirus), he is focusing on #makingagedcarebetter