Yogi + corporate plumber

June 26, 2019 | People at Mirus Australia

“I have all the time to do all the things that I love,” is Natanya’s motto and, somehow, she does.

Natanya (Nat) Full is the Mirus Admissions Companion (MAC) product manager at Mirus Australia. Nat has a special knack of creating meaningful analogies and compares her current work to that of a  “Corporate Plumber”.  Nat works directly with her clients to get a better flow and water pressure, the equivalent to improving the amount of income running through the pipes and removing friction for the smooth running of systems and processes; on the other side, she finds ways to “fix the leaks” or solutions for organisations to prevent losing time and revenue unnecessarily.

But she isn’t at Mirus full time as she is the main “plate spinner” in her family. As for many carers today, she feels that if she stops spinning the plates things may fall apart. “Of course nothing really does and everyone survives,  is happy, and everything gets done even if I’m not around. But it’s easy to get caught in the spinning.”  With her husband Gerald, they have two school-going children. Together they manage around 7 – 8  extra-curricular activities including practice sessions for those activities each week, and that is just for the children. 

Nat is our very own in-house Yoga teacher. She provides a weekly yoga practice for staff at Mirus before work 1 day a week and teaches at a studio a few times a week. Yoga helps with managing stress an not getting caught up in the plate spinning. Natanya says “yoga helps me to find my own balance and figure out how to live my life relating to myself and others in a more positive way. Yoga also helps me to keep my perspective broad; to see possibilities rather than barriers.” She also doesn’t think of Yoga as a hobby, “it is more a part of my life, my day-to-day, it’s like eating for me and eating isn’t a hobby”.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a broad perspective is her ability to see ahead. This ability to see ahead is also something she sees as a crucial advantage for Mirus Australia clients. Nat says that the team at Mirus Australia is often looking 5 years ahead on behalf of the Aged Care Industry. Even when the market is challenged, Mirus is identifying and building solutions that the sector may require in the future.

Nat’s career has always been in high-performance management consulting roles and she worked with our co-founders James Price and Rob Covino at PwC. She reunited with them to build the Metrics Partner service in 2012.

Nat is a respected leader in our team and is constantly striving to contribute to #makingagedcarebetter.

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