To be competitive and financially sustainable, you must understand your market, set the right price, and establish the right goals.

Having a robust revenue management plan for your Residential Accommodation Deposits (RADs) and Daily Accommodation Payments (DAPs) is important for long-term financial sustainability and operational effectiveness. This entails:

  1. Setting a price based on your product and its ability to fulfill a need.
  2. Being capable of marketing and communicating the value of that price and its position in the local market.
  3. Utilising RAD/DAP combinations to achieve optimal outcomes for the business and ultimately provide more choices to the consumer.

Setting the appropriate price involves understanding how your room price compares to similar rooms in your area, which is a key factor in attracting potential residents.

The Mirus Australia Accommodation Pricing report includes:

  • A list of facilities that are nearest to your facility
  • A list of all room types and prices for those facilities
  • Minimum, maximum and average prices for these facilities by room type

Recording this information can be time-consuming as prices inevitably change over time. At Mirus Australia, we create a tailored report for your facility.

Order your Mirus Australia Accommodation Pricing Report today for just $499. This report is tailored to your facility and we offer discounts of more than 5 sites.

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