Medicare provides access to a range of health services at little or no cost.


Client Management System

AlyaCare is a cloud-based aged care health solution. Easily schedule, bill, and import information into your payroll system and achieve better outcomes through advanced data insights.


HR Payroll

Chris21 is a payroll software solution. Streamline your payroll management by easily downloading, exporting, and importing your payroll information into your payroll system.


HR Payroll

Civica is a payroll and HR software. Effectively manage your people & workforce through the integrated HR and time & attendance solutions and utilise the finance management features to streamline your accounting and payroll needs.


Finance Payroll

Xero is an online accounting software solution. This mobile friendly software will allow you to get a real-time view of your cash flow (even when you’re on the go) and easily export and import your payroll into your system.



Preceda is a payroll software solution. This software allows you to automate and streamline your payroll processes, including easily exporting and importing your payroll into your system.

Access Financials

Finance Payroll

Access Financials is an accounting and payroll software. This solution gives you real-time visibility and insight into your financials across your organisation, while allowing you to easily manage your payroll requirements.


Learning Management System

Bridge is an all-in-one learning and performance management platform.


Business Intelligence

MicroStrategy is an analytics platform that includes hyperintelligence, business intelligence, embedded intelligence, cloud intelligence, professional services and analysts reports.



Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides CRM solutions for marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams.


Contract Management

DocuSign is a cloud-based platform that allows users to virtually send and sign documents, manage the lifecycle of contracts and generate/negotiate documents for review/approval.

Leecare Solutions

Care Management System

Leecare Solutions is an aged care management system that offers solutions to automate workflows, improve financial performance and ensure quality of care and compliance.


Product Add-on

Skuid is a cloud-based platform used to create apps with less code, for tracking resource productivity, sales engagement, and other business activities.

Person Centered Software

Client Management System

Person Centred Software is a digital care and mobile monitoring system that provides compliance, care home management, industry engagement and resident engagement.

Conga Solutions

Product Add-on

Conga Solutions offers software solutions that help manage documents surrounding customer engagement, configure price quote (CPQ), contract lifecycle management (CLM), and the commercial operations lifecycle.


Finance Payroll

TechnologyOne is a global SaaS ERP solution that offers marketing, sales, implementation, and support of enterprise business software solutions.


Finance HR Payroll

Inerva is a complete accounting, HR, and administration software system for aged care.


Finance Payroll

Sage is a software solution that offers financial management, HR management and business management solutions.

Care Systems

Finance HR Payroll

Designed for aged care, Care Systems provides financials & asset management, client Management and HR software solutions.


HR Payroll

Aurion is an end-to-end HR & payroll solution that manages the entire employee lifecycle.



Zoho is an end-to-end, customisable CRM solution that also includes finance, workplace, people, IT management and marketing management.


Aggregator is a publishing website that provides industry information concerning aged care and retirement villages in Australia.



Agedcare101 provides educational tools surrounding aged care and a search database of homes.

Manad Plus

Care Management System Finance

Manad Plus is a complete aged care management system that includes finance, HR, care management and business intelligence.

Google Calendar


Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling calendar.

Outlook Calendar


As part of Outlook, Outlook calendar is a scheduling calendar that integrates with email and contacts.

Kinny Legal

Legal Product Add-on

Kinny Legal is a law firm specialising in aged care law, health law, and retirement law.

PowerHouse Hub

HR Onboarding Recruitment

PowerHouse Hub is HR solution that uses AI for talent recruitment, selection, on-boarding, compliance, competency, performance tracking and certification.

Astute Payroll

HR Payroll

Astute Payroll is a cloud-based software to manage employees and contractors, including timesheets and payroll information.


HR Payroll

ELMO provides integrated cloud-based HR, payroll, rostering and time & attendance solutions to streamline HR and payroll processes.



enableHr is a HR software solution that includes, onboarding, employee records, integration & API, managing people, employee self-service, health & safety, termination, and reporting.



Boomi is a customisable API and data integration platform that connects apps to people, integrates data and automates workflows and processes.

Corporate Information Management

Finance Payroll

Corporate Information Management offers solutions in accounting, HR, and aged care finance.