Only fit for purpose CRM that can be tailored for Aged Care.

Key numbers


Number of prospective customers being evaluated monthly for admission


Number of prospective customers Short Listed
monthly for admission

Complete and accurate insights
about your customers


Enquiries & Shortlists

A centralised view of your pipeline to manage enquiries, evaluate and short list customers to identify best fit candidates.


Quotes & Contracts

Generate quotes and contracts tailored to each prospective client’s needs. Never lose track of documents with version control and avoid errors by generating standard documents every time.


Visualisations & Insights

Forget boring spreadsheets. Get insights at a glance with a range of beautifuly designed charts, graphs and visualisations.

Simple and effective reporting so you can tap into insights that help to differentiate your offering.


Boost Satisfaction

Introducing a CRM has been proven to influence customer satisfaction by up to 35%.

Collect customer feedback, improve compliance to standard 6: Feedback and Complaints, and continually enhance your services.

Integration Friendly

Powered by Salesforce™, Mirus Admissions can easily integrate into your current ecosystem. Connect your financial, care management or website to automatically capture enquires.

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That’s not all!

Crystal clear visibility

Get a clear view of your customer, pipeline and sales activities across all services and offerings, to monitor performance at a glance.

Calendar integration

Send reminders and schedule key activities directly to your Outlook or Gmail calendar so your team is always on top of key customer activities and next steps.

Board report-ready 24/7

Prepare board reports quickly, understand current pipeline and revenue position in real-time and reduce errors and time taken for manual calculations.

Standardised quote and contract templates

Generate quotes and contracts tailored to each prospective client’s needs. Avoid errors by generating documents from a centrally managed, up-to-date template every time.

Win/loss analysis

Capture win/loss feedback and report on it in a timely way so that you can make continual service improvements that enhance customer experience for current and future clients.

Centralised communications

Build a customer-centric profile that captures needs and preferences in a centralised system. Track all communication and activity in one place.

Medicare data at a glance

Medicare data presented and updated daily for your residential aged care services so that you can see key measures such as occupancy, supported resident ratio and respite day usage to help you make admissions decisions.

Easy onboarding

Get started, fast. Pre-configured so you can be up and running in weeks, not months.

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