Mirus Academy

Real-world experience + continuous learning

is paramount for professional development and personal growth.

We know education + continuous learning is not limited to the classroom.

Real-world experience, learning with colleagues + peers in your organisation, which is supported by ongoing coaching is just as important. 

Our face-to-face and interactive courses provided in your organisation ensure professionals have up-to-date knowledge and learn the key principles from a Mirus Australia subject matter expert.


Mirus Academy courses include:

ACFI Essentials – covering the appraisal process and roles and responsibilities. ACFI best practice documentation principles. The ACFI Framework with detailed descriptions of the 12 questions, coding, and assessments.

ACFI Advanced – covering the end-to-end process and timing of ACFI appraisals. Key business rules, strategies to plan mandatory and voluntary appraisals, ratings and support documentation, quality management validations and reconciliation of payments.

Validation in Action – covering the purpose of validation, common reasons for downgrades, strategies to prepare and mitigate risks, the mindset for handling validations and the appeals process.

ACFI Coordinator Program is a comprehensive, interactive program that covers the content in ACFI Foundations, Essentials and Advanced, supplemented by practical experience, assignments and expert coaching to provide ACFI coordinators with confidence to perform their role effectively and efficiently.

Mock Validation – A Mirus Australia subject matter expert will conduct a simulation at the specified facility to provide staff with a realistic experience of a validation, from notification to on the day.

ACFI File Review Coaching – A Mirus Expert can review ACFI Appraisal Packs and provide feedback and coaching support to ensure that the pack is complete and accurate prior to submission.

Valued Mirus Australia clients, please speak to your advisor about Mirus Academy to support and embed learning at your facility. 

Mock validation

Mock Validation

Onsite and face-to-face with a Mirus Expert conducting a simulation to provide your team with a realistic experience of validation from notification to on the day. Prepare and experience a validation in a safe environment, build confidence and review our insights report into the positive areas of continuous improvement prior to a real validation.

ACFI file review coaching

ACFI File review coaching

Work with a Mirus Australia expert on reviewing ACFI Appraisal Packs, gathering feedback and utilising our coaching service to ensure packs are complete and accurate prior to submission. Support quality management and foster ongoing coaching with real-life experiences to continue professional development in your teams ACFI roles. 

Revenue management course

Revenue management course

We understand that maintaining strong and consistent revenue income via ACFI and the important role and responsibilities your team have 24/7, 365 days. Mirus Academy provides webinars, face-to-face workshops and ongoing online group coaching for aged care professionals learning ACFI foundations, fundamentals or advanced training. 

“It made me look at my role and care for my residents in a whole new light. This has helped me to be able to do my job at a higher level which I feel benefits my residents.” – Participant feedback, Mirus Academy 2018

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