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How Mirus Academy can help you

Professional development

Learning pathway through which you can gradually develop your understanding and skills throughout your career in Aged Care.

Refresh your knowledge

Learn from the wealth of expertise gathered by the collective Mirus consultants and their clients.

Perform better at your role

Put the knowledge into up-to-date real world context and practice, backed by the coaching of a Mirus expert.

Key numbers


Of over 4,000 workers, 74% felt that they weren’t achieving their full potential at work

2 in 3

2 in 3 workers indicate that job-related training and development opportunities influenced their decision to stay at their job

Mirus Academy
courses include

ACFI Essentials

Covering the ACFI framework, a detailed description and real-life application of the 12 questions.

Learn about the evidence required to claim under each ACFI question, your role in the collection of evidence, and best practice documentation principles.

ACFI Advanced

Covering the ACFI framework and 12 questions in depth.

Learn best methods for charting, documentation of evidence, planning mandatory and voluntary appraisals, and tips for reconciling payments.

Gain an understanding of the validation and appeal process, and learn strategies to mitigate downgrades.

Validation in Action

Covering the purpose of validations, common reasons for downgrades and strategies to prepare for and mitigate their risk, the mindset for handling validations, and the appeal process.

ACFI Coordinator Program

A comprehensive interactive program that covers the content of ACFI Essentials, ACFI Advanced, Validations in Action, and more.

Supplemented by practical experience, assignments and expert coaching to provide ACFI coordinators with the confidence to perform their role effectively and efficiently.

Mock Validation

A Mirus Australia subject matter expert will conduct a simulation at the specified facility to provide staff with a realistic experience of a validation, from notification to on the day.

ACFI File Review Coaching

A Mirus Expert can review ACFI Appraisal Packs and provide feedback and coaching support to ensure that the pack is complete and accurate prior to submission.

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“A higher level of care has been delivered to our residents as a result of working with Mirus”
“I was really impressed with the focus Mirus Australia have towards education. To have the skill of experts to keep my staff abreast of changes and to provide support on an ongoing basis is paramount to me.”
“A proven methodology to ensure we are capturing our clients needs on a regular basis.”

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