A real-time solution for complex workforces

Mirus Works! is a comprehensive rostering tool that provides real-time data and award interpretation which helps reduce unplanned overtime costs, saves you time managing rosters and enables a more engaged, more connected workforce.
Let Mirus Works! simplify the complexity of your workforce management.

Optimise your workforce


Optimise staff coverage based on care requirements for every shift, every day.

Award Interpretation

View rules associated with your Awards or EBA in one simple timesheet format.

Payroll Integration

Integrates with your payroll solution to reduce time and errors spent keying.

Key features


Staffing & Rostering

On average 67% of your operating costs goes toward staffing. Mirus Works! allows you to manage your complete workforce with total visibility and confidence

Intuitive rostering in a couple of clicks and no surprise overspend

Find the right people to fill every shift quickly and ensure optimal coverage across the roster

Flexible, demand-based planning tools that integrate with Medicare to ensure you’re meeting the changing needs of your residents

Tracking of employee time and attendance, streamlining absence and leave


Award Interpretation

Replace manual Award interpretation with a quick, accurate and automated process for real-time planning and rostering

Stay compliant with Fair Work requirements

On demand skills reporting for peace of mind during an audit

Skills tracking ensures staff have all the required registrations, visas and vaccines before they can be rostered

In a few clicks export accurate timesheet data to your preferred payoll solution

Complete Staffing Compliance

Monitor the skills, compliance and qualifications of your complete workforce with real-time visibility, simplifying the training and audit process

Monitor your complete workforce including permanent, agency, volunteers and allied health staff

Configure roster rules to stay on top of fatigue, minimise overtime and burnout

Integrations that automate onboarding and cross check staff skills, registrations and vaccination status for every shift

An employee app with easy shift tracking, managing availability, training and skills updates

Real-time hours & costing data

View at a glance a Site’s performance against demand requirements allowing Roster managers to make informed decisions about their roster to ensure quality care whilst meeting budget.

Dashboard view

Consider care need to rostered hours with Medicare data insights included on our powerful dashboard. Rosters can be flexed taking in to account care requirements and occupancy levels.

Manage Time

Employees clocking in for their shifts via the Mirus Works Employee Kiosk allow for easy management of Roster exceptions with the creation of Shift Alerts.

Absence management

With our leave and unavailability workflows, employees can apply for leave or Unavailability within the Employee Kiosk, their Manager will then be alerted to the request showing them who else is on leave at the same time of the same grade type as well as whether the employee has sufficient balance for the leave event.


The inclusion of budgeted (demand) as well as, expected (rostered) and worked (actual) costs means organisations can ensure that the employees they are rostering are not only availabe, of the right skill set but also not going to cost more than expected.

Clear visibility over rostered location

Employees can easily identify which Wing they are rostered to when they clock in for their shift – no more paper allocation sheets!

Demand & Acuity based planning

No more recycling the same roster each fortnight – plan a roster that meets the occupancy and care needs of your residents using our Demand Templates.

Management of contracted hours

View at a glance if your employees contracted hours have been fulfilled avoiding utilisation of Casual and Agency staff and enabling continuity of care.

Real-time reporting

Our reporting suite provides real-time reporting at the click of a button.


The Attendance screen means you can see at a glance if a staff member has not arrived for this shift allowing you to act quickly.

Key numbers

10 hours

Save up to 10 hours a week managing rosters


Reduce unplanned agency and overtime costs by up to 80%

Start simplifying your
workforce roster today

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Your return


Less hands
More care


Managing and reporting on key training and skills compliance in one place
(Aged Care Quality Standard 7)

Staff cost reduction

Proven 2-4% reduction in staff cost for companies who implemented Mirus Works


Reduce inefficiencies and costs using numerous rostering and training apps. Mirus Works! integrates with payroll and Medicare seamlessly.


$ 5 *
/per employee per month

Roster staff and find the right people to fill every shift quickly and ensure optimal coverage.

– Workforce planning
– Employee rostering
– Leave management
– Time and attendance
– Timesheets
– Employee app
– Dashboard & Reporting

$ 3 *
/per employee per month

Live costing based on your Award/EBA and using real time attendance data integrated with your payroll solution.

– Award interpretation
– Live costing
– Payroll integration
– Reporting

$ 2 *
/per employee per month

Ensure staff have all the required registrations, visas and vaccines before they can be rostered.

– Automatic skills profiles
– Expiry notifications
– Compliance dashboard & reporting

Costed Demand Planning
$ 2 *
/per employee per month

A fully costed workforce planning tool to help identify cost-efficiencies at the point of roster planning.

– Award interpretation
– Live costing
– Unlimited scenario planning

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