First revenue management tool
for Aged Care.

Subsidy simplicity with Mirus Metrics

Actionable insights

Act on clear, data-driven revenue insights and empower your team to drive a proactive revenue management strategy.

Up to date reporting

Your Medicare data updated daily providing an accurate and reliable snapshot of your organisation’s performance.

Save time

Forget spending hours buried in spreadsheets. Standardised reports and insightful dashboards; Metrics provides intelligence on-demand.

Key numbers

$6 Billion

Annual total revenue under management


Of Provider revenue is derived from Medicare funding

Measure and monitor funding


Clear Visualisations & Indicators

Dashboards designed to help you easily monitor historical and current performance across a wide range of metrics.

A clearer view over your organisation’s performance today to understand where improvements could be made. Find and monitor ACFI, identify areas in need of attention and track progress to budgets.


Task Management

Stay on top of every ACFI assessment, submission and rejection. See what’s coming up across every facility with centralised task lists so your team never miss a beat.


Benchmarking Reports

Tailored competitor benchmarking reports evaluating your performance against our industry database of over 70,000 beds.

See how you stack up in key revenue indicators including ADS, occupancy, submission activity and new admissions.


Anytime, Anywhere

Your team doesn’t stay in one place all day so neither does Mirus Metrics. Seamlessly switch between mobile, tablet or PC so your team can monitor, and update assessment details on-the-go.


Expert Support

We understand ACFI management decisions aren’t always black and white.

The Mirus ACFI support team is just a phone call away to support your team.

That’s not all!

Visualisations & indicators

Forecast your revenue to understand what next month’s Medicare payment will be before it’s paid. Monitor historical financial performance.

Find and monitor ACFI uplifts to ensure care payments align with care needs and identify areas for improvement and track progress to budgets.

Task lists

Identify upcoming new entry & expiring claims and their mandatory submission dates.

Review respite residents to ensure they have been successfully processed into permanent beds or out of the facility.

Resident ACFI profile

Confirm that all complex health procedures being undertaken are being claimed and ensure all claimed procedures do not pose a validation risk.

Virtual whiteboard

Encourages a targeted approach to ensure ACFI funding is sustainable. Improves quality of Medicare information by reducing the risk of incomplete or incorrect Medicare data.


Confirm ACFI related events submitted to Medicare have been accepted to ensure there are no discrepancy which could cause reduced payments and/or increased workload.

View by facility

Discover the data at an organisation level or break it down per facility.

Variance management

Reconcile ACFIs submitted versus ACFIs paid and action as appropriate.

Claim statuses

Confirm ACFI submissions have been accepted by Medicare as expected.

Mirus Metrics Packages

Metrics HQ
$ 4 *
/bed per month

Up to 5 users
On-demand reporting
Bi-annual revenue insights

Metrics Plus
$ 10 *
/bed per month

Medicare Advisory Support
Dedicated Business Analyst
Bi-annual management advice
Monthly revenue insights

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“Bethanie has used Mirus Metrics for the last 5 years. It has proved to be a vital part of our ACFI management process. Mirus Metrics assists our Facility Managers and ACFI Coordinators to identify and track residents for review. The real-time feedback on our performance also ensures we remain focused and can celebrate our successes. ”

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