AI-powered insights to elevate efficiency and sustainably grow your aged care business

Most industries are being revolutionised by AI and aged care is no different. At Mirus Australia, we’re dedicated to advancing aged care through innovation and technology to create better outcomes for residents and providers alike. We are developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to enable processes and enhance care delivery. Mirus AI represents a giant leap forward in data processing power and provides almost endless possibilities to improve aged care.

What AI can do for you

1. Unlock efficiency and empower your people

At the heart of aged care operations lies a profound challenge: balancing cost (administrative burdens) with the provision of quality care. We’re developing Mirus AI to change that. Our unique AI technology is designed to liberate care providers from the volumes of paperwork and administration, empowering you with insights across your operations and allowing you to focus wholeheartedly on what truly matters – the well-being of residents.

2. Deliver more personalised care, powered by AI

Each resident in aged care is unique, with individual health needs and preferences. Yet, traditional approaches can fall short in providing personalised care. Mirus AI is being designed to analyse intricate health data, supporting you to craft tailored care plans and individual insights that deliver care with the unique requirements of each resident.

3. Gain compliance assurance and deliver quality excellence

In an industry as vital as aged care, compliance and quality assurance are non-negotiable. Mirus AI will help you to maintain the highest standards. Our AI-driven solutions will help you monitor and ensure adherence to regulations and protocols, minimising errors and elevating the overall quality of care.

4. Leverage data that gives you the competitive edge

In a world where data reigns supreme, harnessing its power is key to staying ahead. There will always be a human in control, but Mirus AI will offer unparalleled insights derived from data analysis, empowering you to make faster and more informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. It’s not just about keeping pace; it’s about leading the pack and shaping the future of aged care.

The future of Aged Care data is very exciting. Interoperability is the key and the more standard the data, the more comparable it is so that maximum insight can be gained for the significant investment we make in collecting it in our day-to-day processes. With new standard models of clinical data on the horizon, Mirus AI will be able to create predictions and analyse data in ways that were not imaginable just a few years ago.

We have been experts in Aged Care data and processes for more than a decade and have supported hundreds of providers to improve their business. As technology creators specifically for Aged Care, we are uniquely placed to help the sector to find the most practical and valuable applications of AI in the shortest timeframe and with the least work from you.


How it works

Mirus AI: AI operates on big data. We leverage artificial intelligence to enable Aged Care, Home Care & broader Healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions that improve their resident, consumer and business outcomes. We hold ISO27001 certification setting the standard we expect for the sector on secure data management.

Ingestion process & transformation: This ingestion process captures daily insights from your care management system and ensures clean, structured, and referenceable data is created for daily interactions. We store it securely in data cubes for access by the Mirus AI engine. This is about making real-world resident/consumer data accessible & actionable.

Generative AI processing: We use generative trained models to process vast clinical datasets which are refined by our dedicated clinical teams. The analytics workbench and interface to standardise data models make it easier for you to consume all your information from various sources, in one place.

Insights and decision making: Mirus AI thinks like a Quality/Funding Manager and automates the clinical searching process offering funding teams insights to decide on reclassification, eliminating manual identification workflows.

Real-world examples of AI in aged care:

The number of AI applications to current aged care problems is growing rapidly. Some examples of current use cases being developed include:

  • Streamlining funding processes relating to AN-ACC
  • Improving quality reporting and quality of information in clinical systems
  • Identifying revenue opportunities for additional care and services
  • Forecasting changes in care staffing levels and possible occupancy changes
  • Predicting changes in resident care needs
  • Predicting workforce demand and skills mix requirements
  • Consolidating large data sources into consistent data formats and synthesising insights
  • and many more…

What providers are saying

“I was googling AI providers to see if there might be a way to solve our clinical and quality reporting problem. We are struggling to pull information from two different systems.”

Aged care provider, NSW

“We are hoping that AI will help bring consistency to the way they look at data across our facilities because we are not having much success standardising processes.“

Aged care provider, WA
“We have different people running process autonomously at each of our sites. We need to invest in new technology to see if we can build greater insights across the business.”

Aged care provider, VIC

Partnering for success: Mirus AI & InterSystems:

We believe in the power of collaboration. That’s why we’ve partnered with InterSystems, a trusted name in healthcare technology, to drive aged care transformation together. With our combined expertise, technology, data, and commitment, we’re paving the way for a brighter future in aged care.

Why Mirus AI?

At Mirus Australia, we are dedicated to empowering aged care providers through the potential of data while upholding principles of trust and transparency. We work with you to maximise the value of your critical data by integrating it with essential applications, algorithms, and broader datasets. Mirus AI enables you to extend your data oversight beyond internal boundaries, ensuring collaboration on analytics initiatives in the cloud. Throughout this, you retain full control over data visibility and permissible usage safeguarding your assets and compliance.

We serve as a catalyst for interoperability. Whether you’re in home care or residential aged care, we ensure that your data isn’t only accessible but actively contributes to your success.

Our IT environment has been certified as complying with the IS27001 information security standard, an internationally recognised accreditation of the way we maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

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