How CASE can help you

Improve quality of documentation

Remove the documentation burden from onsite clinical resources, allowing them to focus on delivery of quality care outcomes.

Improve AN-ACC assessment accuracy

Ensure consistency between clinical documentation and supportive evidence for AN-ACC assessment activity.

Expert partnership

Our team partners with you on ongoing basis to produce consistent, accurate and compliant documentation tailored to your business needs.

Key numbers


Almost 40% of permanent aged care consumers have an AN-ACC assessment that was completed 12 months, or more ago.


Of homes who were sanctioned were not complaint with requirement 2(3)(a) – Assessment and planning informs safe and effective services. (Reference sector performance report July – Sept 2022)


Of homes who received a Non-Compliance Notice were found non-compliant with 2(3)(a) – Assessment and planning informs safe and effective services. (Reference sector performance report July – Sept 2022)

Achieve best practice outcomes

With the increase in assessment contacts from the ACQSC now being seen across the aged care industry and the change from an internally managed funding tool to an external funding model, providers are finding it challenging to maintain compliance and ensure their forecast AN-ACC class outcomes are accurately reflected in their Care Management System (CMS).

The Mirus CASE service has been developed in response to the increasing scrutiny and frequency of assessment contacts to ensure improved forecasting of AN-ACC assessment activity. Mirus has worked onsite with many clients through multiple optimisations and assessment contacts processes. We use this nationwide experience to help you prevent non-compliance and improve your outcomes for AN-ACC assessments.



Our Clinical team access your CMS to review and analyse your consumers’ progress notes, CMA, doctor’s notes, My support plan and other clinical documents as part of our evidence-based approach to assessment and care planning.


Capture Consumer needs, goals and preferences

We will use the CMS and source material to find evidence of each consumer’s assessed needs, goals and preferences. Where we are unable to clearly identify consumers’ needs and preferences, a short case conference will be held with your onsite clinical team. We will populate assessments accordingly to ensure high quality, person centred and detailed assessments and care plans are developed to support compliance and the AN-ACC assessment process.


Documentation Preparation

Our clinical team will translate the information, assessments and evidence into a care plan and associated forecasted AN-ACC class where applicable. This will be completed in your CMS ahead of your review and AN-ACC reassessment request.


On-going workforce development

Throughout our journey together, our team will provide industry insights and support your team through insightful information sharing to continuously enable your workforces’ development of documentation skills and knowledge.

Let’s optimise care outcomes together

Stay on top of regular reviews with effective governance systems by partnering with Mirus to support your workforce.