Quickly produce high quality assessments, care plans & funding claims.

How CASE can help you

Improve quality of documentation

Remove the documentation burden from onsite clinical resources, allowing them to focus on delivery of quality care outcomes.

Reduce validation downgrade risk

Ensure consistency between clinical documentation and supportive evidence for ACFI claiming.

Expert partnership

Our team partners with you on ongoing basis to produce consistent, accurate and compliant documentation tailored to your business needs.

Key numbers

1 in 2

1 in 2 validated claims are being downgraded


The percentage of downgraded claims has risen by 33% since 2016

Achieve best practice outcomes



The new ‘intensive’ auditing methods now being seen across the aged care industry are providing challenges for staff in keeping up-to-date and consistent clinical documentation to support the ever changing rules and validation expectations.

Our clinical team access your Care Management System to review progress notes, CMA, doctor’s notes, My support plan and other clinical documents to write high quality, person centric and detailed assessments & care plans.



The Mirus CASE service has been developed in response to the increasing scrutiny and frequency of ACFI validations. Mirus has worked onsite with clients through multiple validations and uses this nationwide experience to help you prevent validation downgrades.

Before submission, the final ACFI pack is reviewed by our clinical team against potential validation downgrades. Suggestions are provided to correct the incongruities and improve quality of the assessments.



Stay on top of every ACFI assessment, submission and rejection. See what’s coming up across every facility with centralised task lists so your team never misses a beat.

Let’s optimise care outcomes together