A program to help you plan for the future and implement the changes required

Guided by the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Aged Care, the Department of Health and Aged Care is embarking on an unprecedented period of reform.  This comes at a time when the aged care sector is already managing workforce challenges, COVID-19 and AN-ACC funding reform.

  • How do you know what information is going to impact you the most?
  • How do you make the right investment at the right time?
  • What are other providers doing?

The Aged Care Reform Transition Support is an advisory service that can help you manage the large number of reform items that need to be planned for so that you have the insight you need, when you need it. This service works with a large cohort of aged care providers to share information and use the “wisdom of the crowd” to make planning for changes easier for all. The Transition Service helps aged care providers transition to a new regulatory environment by providing advice and assistance to ensure that their business is ready for the changes.

How the program works

We use a combination of planning meetings, workshops, diagnostics and briefings to help you make informed decisions, plan and harness opportunities with a co-ordinated, tailored approach. Our Aged Care Reform Transition Support aims to give you the knowledge you need to address:

Implementation of AN-ACC funding processes

Mandatory Care Minutes and Quarterly Financial Reporting

Expansion of the Quality Indicator Program

Accommodation and capital review

New Strengthened Quality Standards

Strengthened Provider Governance changes

New Aged Care Act


Whether you’re new to aged care or a long-time provider, we can provide you with tailored solutions set up to meet your needs.

Get the support you need to manage aged care reforms today.