AN-ACC ‘200’ care minutes target explained

February 3, 2022 | Aged Care Management

By Robert Covino, Co-Founder 

The 200 minutes of care per day (including 40 minutes of Registered Nurse time) are an average target across the sector. Each facility will have a unique care time target, depending on the AN-ACC case mix classification of their residents, at a point in time.  

This means that as the AN-ACC case mix classification changes within a site, the subsidy paid by the minute will have different outcomes.  

Different facilities will have a different care minute target and a unique measure of subsidies paid for each minute of care provided. 

What impact will AN-ACC care minutes have on rosters? 

With AN-ACC, more revenue may not be the best outcome for all facilities. This is because it may drive further reliance on heavy rosters, which means providers may have their star ratings significantly impacted if they cannot track their ongoing requirement through daily rostering periods.

In this video Rob Covino, explains more about a predictive roster versus a reactive roster in managing AN-ACC care minutes.

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