The Doggo Series: The Dogtor (part 2)

October 19, 2020 | Uncategorised

In part 1 of the Doggo Series we showcased real examples of animals in aged care,  Ozcare has also posted to social media sharing their residents most recent visit from the ‘dogtor’ at Malanda. This super special doctor provides residents with the pawfect pawscription!

MiCare is also a facility who regularly posts their residents interacting with their #FurryFriendsofMiCare. In August 2020 they posted a photo of two (2) residents who enjoyed the company of Josie the lab (Pictured below to the left). More recently in September 2020, they posted a photo of their resident Nick cuddling another one of their furry friends, Kiara. MiCare shares that ‘Kiara is a regular’ around the home, and that she often visits the residents (Pictured below to the right).

Further, Michelle Sloane, COO of SummitCare recently shared that their employee of the month in August was Buddy the wonder dog! Michelle acknowledges that pet therapy programs are proven to have clinical benefits for residents. “Regular visits from animals, like Buddy, can assist in alleviating some of the anger, frustration and helplessness experienced by people with dementia”. She also adds that this initiative is enjoyable for everyone including staff and visitors as it ‘just lifts everyone’s mood!”

It is very clear that from the photos above as well as those featured in part one, that animals are having a great, big and positive impact on residents in the facilities of our clients! It’s important to remember that sometimes ‘the best therapist has fur and four legs’, (Goldenstars CC) which some of our wonderful clients have definitely proven to be true!

Stay tuned for more coming from our fluffiest series . . . The Doggo Series.

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