The Doggo Series: Meet fluffy friends from around Australia (part 1)

October 8, 2020 | Uncategorised

It only seemed fitting to feature some of our great clients, and their residents participating in animal therapy to continue this fluffy and fabulous Doggo series!

Southern Cross Care posts snaps of some of their residents cuddling Marcus. Southern Cross Care shares that Marcus is a dog used for pet therapy amongst their residents. This client acknowledges pet therapy to have an enormous impact on the wellbeing of their residents. Marcus helps residents in ‘reducing stress, alleviating depression and providing unconditional love and comfort’. (Pictured below to the left)

Southern Cross Care state that pet therapy can help residents with ‘depression and loneliness’. It can also ‘help those living with dementia to be more interactive and sociable’. (Pictured above to the right)

Similarly, Andrew Kerr Care showcase their use of animal therapy.  Through their Facebook page, they share photo’s of the beautiful resident Eileen, who was enjoys time with an adorable little puppy Gypsie. (Pictured below to the left)

The residents at Bethanie Group also experience a form of animal therapy. Earlier this year, the residents at Bethanie Waters spent their time caring for and ‘raising 5 baby ducklings’ which had hatched at the facility. (Pictured above to the right)

Stay tuned for more coming from our fluffiest series . . . The Doggo Series.

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