Securing grant funding for a remote South Australian provider

June 12, 2024 | Aged Care Management

By Stephen Rowan, Senior Manager

In a small, ageing town in South Australia, Parkview Aged Care – the sole provider of residential aged care – faced significant challenges. They were struggling to attract and retain Registered Nurses due to a shortage of affordable accommodation. Simultaneously, their facilities required urgent refurbishment to meet the needs of their growing elderly population. Without the necessary funding, these critical issues threatened the sustainability of their services.

Seeking expertise for grant writing to fund vital projects

Recognising their limitations in managing multiple grant applications, they contacted us for expertise to secure funding for two vital capital projects. They needed assistance to craft competitive applications and navigate the intricate grant application process successfully.

Planning for success in a competitive funding landscape

In 2023, the Aged Care Capital Assistance Program allocated $135 million to enhance aged care services, particularly in small rural, remote, and very remote communities (MM5-7). This funding was segmented into four streams:

  1. Stream 1 – Staff accommodation
  2. Stream 2 – Upgrades, Expansions, or New Builds
  3. Stream 3 – Specialised homeless
  4. Stream 4 – National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flexible Aged Care (NATSIFAC) minor projects and equipment.

We strategically focused on Streams 1 and 2, aligning them with Parkview’s pressing needs:

  • Stream 1 – Staff Accommodation: To construct on-site accommodations, crucial for attracting RNs in a remote location with a costly local rental market.
  • Stream 2 – Upgrades: To refurbish and reactivate decommissioned beds, optimising the facility layout for better functionality, and serving the urgent needs of the ageing local population.

Collaborative efforts lead to a compelling application

We embarked on a collaborative journey with the provider, involving Architects, Project Managers, Organisation Executives, the Board, and other stakeholders. This teamwork was essential to create a compelling grant application. We delved into understanding Parkview’s operations and the unique dynamics of their local community. Emphasising the urgency of the situation and demonstrating value for money were key elements in our approach.

Achieving success amidst stiff competition

The competitive nature of the initial funding round, with only 26% of applications (76 out of 297) being successful, underscored the challenge ahead. However, our preparation and strategic alignment paid off. Parkview secured over $3.3 million in funding, with both grant applications being successful. This funding enabled the construction of on-site accommodations and the much-needed refurbishments of their facilities, ensuring continued quality care for their residents.

“I want to thank Stephen for the work he put into researching and preparing our grant application, it was a tremendous application and judged by its success!!”

Michael Powell, General Manager, Parkview Aged Care

This case study highlights the impact of strategic planning, collaborative efforts, and comprehensive understanding of funding opportunities. By aligning Parkview’s needs with the available funding streams, we ensured they could continue delivering essential services to their community. This successful outcome not only addressed immediate challenges but also set a foundation for future growth and sustainability in aged care provision.

Preparing for future funding opportunities

The Department of Health and Aged Care has opened the next round of capital grant funding, with eligibility expanded to include MM2-MM7 providers. Given the anticipated increase in competition, early preparation and strategic planning will be more critical than ever.

Get the support you need for a successful grant application

Our success in the previous round positions us well to assist other providers in securing essential funding in the future.  Contact us now for more information on how we can support you with your grant funding application for capital works.