How the Quality & Safety Commission will use staffing data 

March 6, 2024 | Aged Care Reform

By Christopher Lyons, Consultant

The latest regulatory bulletin has shed light on the commission’s stance towards staffing issues including meeting care minute targets. If these challenges hinder a provider’s capacity to meet workforce-related duties, the commission will take a close look at their performance and the potential risk to the care recipients. This process will also involve comparing how similar services in the same region are doing regarding meeting care minutes, highlighting the need to see how your staffing levels stack up compared to your neighbours.  

Staffing is still a major area for concern for providers as evidenced in our recent webinar, The 2024 Outlook with over 38% of providers identifying that resourcing and staffing will be their most significant hurdle for 2024.  

Where the industry is moving

The latest Staffing Star Rating Data for Q1 FY24 shows a noteworthy trend: for the first time, over 51% of services have achieved a rating of 3 Stars or higher. This is an increase of 2.3% from the last quarter of FY23. It’s a clear signal that the sector is moving in the right direction, striving to improve staffing levels in line with Care Minute compliance. Unfortunately, when the department brings in the new requirement to meet both RN and overall care minutes to achieve 3 stars, this will drop the compliance for the industry back down to about a third. Also with 215 minutes a little more than 6 months away, this target will put significant pressure on current compliance levels. If 215 minutes was introduced today less than a quarter of the industry would comply. 

How Mirus Metrics can help

With the recent addition of a Star Rating Dashboard to Mirus Metrics, providers can easily access not only their own star ratings but also those of any aged care facility. By analysing the ratings of nearby services, providers can gauge how their staffing levels stack up against other services and anticipate how the commission might view their service if they are unable to meet staffing requirements.

We have analysed the data and generated Star Rating reports for all facilities in Australia.  To get your free, updated Star Rating analysis, fill in the form and one of our team will get in touch.