Understand your Star Ratings and how to improve them

Star Ratings are the consumer index of the aged care industry. So how do the Star Ratings work? What can you do to influence these ratings now?

Due to the algorithm that is used, and the weightings applied to different factors, it is not always obvious which factors will affect your overall rating the most. We have analysed the data and generated reports for all facilities in Australia and these reports are now available.

The free Star Rating analysis of your facility includes:

  • An easy-to-read report detailing where you are in your ratings
  • A view of where you rank against others in the industry
  • The decimals points behind your result where you could be rounded up or down
  • A conversation with our consultants on what your results mean and tangible next steps on how you can improve them.

To explore your results, fill out the form and the team at Mirus Australia will contact you to create a time to discuss.